Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #17: Craig Cub Scout by Kenner

  Today's doll is Craig Cub Scout by Kenner.
For those of you who have been looking for more diversity in your little boy dolls! Now it doesn't have to be all Todds and Tommys and boys made from Only Hearts Girls!
The Kenner scout dolls were introduced in 1974.

There were four characters in the line,Craig,Dave, an African American Cub Scout, as well as two Boy Scouts,Steve (a Caucasian) and Bob,(an African American).  
Dave Cub Scout.
And Bob Scout.

Craig is 8 1/2" tall.
Craig, on the right, compared to 9" Steve on the left.

He has a complete Scout uniform, including shirt, pants, hat, neckerchief, shoes,and belt.

The patch on his shirt and his belt buckle have the Cub Scouts emblem.

The figure is fully jointed,with bendable elbows, knees,wrists, and ankles,and a jointed neck.The body is very similar to GI Joe, only smaller.
Some of the joints seem to loosen up way too much,but the hip joints are REALLY tight.You might think at first that they aren't jointed.
His painted hair has molded detail.

His right hand is making the Scout salute.

 The Cub Scout salute uses two fingers, and the Boy Scout salute uses three.The fingers go up with age I guess.

Steve Scout on the left, Craig on the right.
 There were loads of playsets created for the Scouts, which we'll take a look at tomorrow, when we see Craig's friend Steve.

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