Saturday, January 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 21 Shrunken Saturday:Daisy Kingdom Bonnet Girl

  Today's doll is this tiny little girl.

I have no idea who this doll is, so I'm going to call her Bonnet Girl.

Bonnet Girl is about 3 1/4" tall.

She has no manufacturer marked on her. She just says 'not a toy'. Well why not?
Sometimes translations crack me up. The second line says "Cloth is made by 100% cotton". Well done Cotton!

She's made of softish vinyl, and has a painted face and hair.

Her arms move, but not her legs, so she can't sit down.

But she can pointlessly reach for things on high shelves.
Her crocheted clothes are not removable, other than maybe you could scoot her undies off...

...and maybe you can scoot her bonnet down to the back of her neck.

(Well, she doesn't really have a neck. Her head then.)I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to though, because it exposes a large hole and mold ring on the top of her head!

She's a nice size for a dollhouse. But why isn't she a toy? Did she come with this crocheted outfit on, or did someone make it just for her? If anybody knows anything about her,please leave a comment.I got her in a box at an auction, so I have no more information than I have just imparted.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. She is a Daisy Kingdom mini doll. They produced fabrics and 18" dolls who also had the not a toy caution.

    1. Ah Ivy has a Daisy Kingdom 18" doll I got her when she was little! Daisy Kingdom made some beautiful vintage looking 18" dolls,fabric, patterns, and doll clothes. I think they're still around. This doll may have been meant to be the doll for the 18" doll. I should have recognized the resemblance in the face.Thanks so much!

  2. I did a little more research. I have one still in the original packaging. It's called "Dolly's Doll" by Daisy Kingdom. After the not a toy caution, it says the body is made of PVC. I hope this is helpful.

    1. I thought about it after I posted this one. I think the 'not a toy' may be because of the size. It might be small enough to have been considered a choking hazard. But then why sell it to go with the 18" dolls?!

  3. The 18" dolls had the same caution. I remember wondering about that in the mid nineties when I bought one of the 18" dolls. Is it the PVC and US laws? Nice chatting with you. I enjoy your blog very much!

    1. I'm not sure. I'll have to look into that. I bought the 18" for Ivy when she was small, never noticing that it wasn't supposed to be a toy! Why wouldn't it be, after all? It's a standard baby doll type doll, with jointed arms and legs and neck. There was nothing about it to suggest kids couldn't play with it. Now I'm curious. And thanks! Nice chatting to you too!


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