Thursday, January 26, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #26: Flashy Blinkins

  Is today's doll a doll, or a toy? And how do you tell the difference? We seemed to be on a theme of small 70's and 80's toys,so today it's Flashy Blinkins.

Blinkins were a line of toys launched in 1985 by LJN Toys.

They originated with a line of plush dolls,with wings that lit up and changed colour when the doll was squeezed.

This doll is from 1986. This line had light up bottoms that operated when you squeezed their heads.(Ouch!)

The names of the other Blinkins were Flicker,Shady, Sparkle,Baby Twinkle, and Blink.
This one no longer works, but that's not surprising, since the battery is over 30 years old.I don't think it's changeable though.

Her name is Flashy, and she came with a swing.
She has movable arms and legs.

Flashy is 4" tall,if you include all the big hair. 
...and there is a lot of it.

According to Wikipedia, the Blinkins were 'fairy glow-bugs that lived in Blinkin Land'.
Hence the wings and antennae.
Two playsets were produced for the Blinkins dolls the size of Flashy. There was the 'Lady Buggy', a giant ride in lady bug, and the Twilight Treehouse, a multi-room home for the Blinkins figures which included furniture and a swing.
There was also an animated movie voiced by stars like Oscar nominee Burgess Meredith and Oscar winner Paul Williams.  You can watch it HERE.

Check in tomorrow for another doll.

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