Friday, January 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #27: Zack from Saved by the Bell

  I unloaded part of a tub of dolls today, and made a mess in our bedroom. Dolls everywhere,all over the bed. This prompted Ken to announce that the bedroom looked like 'somebody had a bad case of doll-arrhea', when he went in to get a shirt for work. Sorry Ken. But I did dig out this guy.

He's today's doll, Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.

He's dressed for our snow today. The Don Johnson pink shirt he came in might have been a little chilly.
Now I do admit to watching Saved by the Bell, but it's not what you think! The show started out in 1988 as a Disney Channel series called good "Morning Miss Bliss",starring Haley Mills. As an admirer of Haley Mills I watched to see what she was up to at the time. Zack, Lisa,Screech, and Mr. Belding were actually part of the original series, which was set in a different school, in a different state,(Indianapolis instead of California),from Saved by the Bell.
He's about 12" tall.
When the series was cancelled NBC, who had made the series for the Disney Channel, took it back and redid it, getting rid of Haley Mills and Zack's best friend Nikki,and sending the rest of the cast to Bayside High,where they eventually met Jessie and Slater. The series ran for another four years as Saved by the Bell.

 I was newly married in 1989, and no longer working.So I was hanging around the house alot with only the TV for company much of the time. We didn't have cable and in those days there was nothing on at that time on Saturday.You get the idea.
He has pretty much the standard articulation, with the addition of his arms going out to the sides a bit.
By the time 1991 came around I was expecting Emma, and when she was born in June, there was just the two of us while Ken was at work. With a baby in the house my tv viewing became strictly kid friendly during her waking hours. (I did manage to watch Must See TV when she went to bed. And when she was about 3 she used to be the VCR operator for me.She stayed up later than most kids so she could see Ken, because he got off at 10 at night. I'd bathe her and pop her out of the tub and take my shower. In case I didn't make it out by 9 o'clock, Emma knew to 'push REC when the clock says 9 0 0'. She was a smart kid.)

The Saved by the Bell dolls were made by Tiger Toys in 1992.

There were 6 dolls in the line. All the major characters, but sorry,no Mr. Belding.
Zack was probably the most popular character,which is most likely why he's the one I found at a thrift store. I bought him, figuring he would at least be some variety in my guy dolls.

His insulated vest is a Christmas ornament from a few years ago.
Recently Pop Vinyl put out a series of Saved by the Bell figures.

My opinion of Pop Vinyls is a subject for another post. (I don't hate them!)
Come back tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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