Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #3 Pottery Barn Caroline

  Today's doll is Caroline, a soft doll from Pottery Barn.

  Pottery Barn dolls are made by North American Bear Company.

    Although Caroline has yarn hair,many Pottery barn dolls have hair made of velveteen strips instead. Some of the yarn haired Pottery Barn dolls were recalled because there were loops in the hair that made them strangulation hazards.
  Caroline is 18" tall, but there are also tiny Pottery Barn dolls,about 5" tall, that look just like her. I really like the tiny ones, and I have a couple, and we'll be seeing those later in the year.

  The Pottery Barn dolls have sweet, simple faces. I think of them as very old fashioned dolls.

She has a soft huggable body, with built in socks and shoes.

And in fact, her dress is sewn to her body at the bottom of the bodice. Raggedy Ann and Andy always had socks and shoes that were part of their bodies, but their clothes were removable. I think the removable clothes are a better idea. It teaches kids to dress themselves.I do understand the danger of buttons on toys for very young children though.
Strangely, though Raggedy Ann and Andy sales have fallen off so much that they are disappearing, and being forgotten, the Pottery barn dolls are quite popular. Maybe it's just because somehow Pottery barn is fashionable, and Ann and Andy no longer are.
  Tomorrow we'll see another doll.

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