Friday, January 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #13 Generation Girl Dance Party Chelsie

  Today's doll is Generation Girl Chelsie, from the Dance Party series.

This is her original outfit. She also came with another outfit.

The Dance Party series of Generation Girl dolls was the second series.The first Chelsie came with a guitar. The second series Chelsie came with a whole assortment of instruments. 'Dance Party': apparently Chelsie was the entertainment.

  The Generation Girl dolls were skinnier than regular Barbie dolls, and had jointed elbows.
The Generation Girl dolls have painted fingernails.
  The idea of the Generation Girls was that they were all from different places, and were attending a school together in New York. Chelsie was from London, and was an aspiring songwriter.

  The face sculpts were original, other than that Tori and Chelsie shared a sculpt.

There were originally 6 Generation Girls.: Chelsie,Barbie, Nichelle, Tori,Ana,Laura.

  With the Dance Party series the single guy in the line, Blaine, made is first appearance.
For some reason Chelsie was left out of this picture.
And off this doll sized 'magazine' that came with the dolls. She must have been a last minute inclusion. Maybe they intended to replace her with Blaine.

 There was a playset made for the Dance Party Generation Girls. It was the International High school set, which had a fold out dance floor the Dance Party dolls could boogie on.

There were also several Generation Girl fashions produced for the dolls, and a series of novels for older kids. Emma always said the books were well written and quite good. She read a lot of them when she was a kid.
Pictures of real girls were used on the books and alot of the artwork for the dolls.
 The third series of dolls was the My Room dolls. After that the Generation Girls just faded away, which was disappointing because the dolls featured cool clothes, interesting hair, and beautiful face sculpts.

Chelsie has very thick dark auburn hair.

 Although Chelsie's head sculpt was used later for Mystery Squad Drew.
See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.


  1. I always loved the Generation Girl line, even though I wasn't in a position to buy them when they were in stores. Chelsie's long red curls are gorgeous.

    1. I got to enjoy them through Emma's, because she had almost all of them. Since then I have found a few at yard sales and thrift stores, so i have some of my own. I have the first Tori,Chelsie, and a Laura. unfortunately, buying them that way I didn't most of their great accessories. Laura came with a great tiny paint set and sweater.


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