Friday, November 3, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #306:What's Her Face and Whatever Pet

  Does anybody remember today's doll?

She's What's Her Face by Mattel.

What's Her Face appeared in 2001.The line ended in 2003.

She came in 4,or is that 5 different skin tones?
What's Her Face's gimmick was that she came without a permanent face or hair...

It appears somebody has used the wrong markers on her face and permanently  marked her.
 ...but she came with wigs and markers and stampers.

Mouth shaped stampers had mouth shapes on them.

The heart shaped stampers were right eyes.

And flower shaped stampers were left eyes.

Kids could use the markers to colour the stampers and stamp on her eyes, and mouth...

...or draw her features on with the markers.

I always preferred drawing my own.

The creepiest thing,(even creepier than a doll with no face.),was a face mask with shaped holes that allowed kids to keep the stampers in place and not get What's Her Face's eyes all googly by stamping freehand.

Of course, that could still happen...

 It's hard to push those stampers flat to the face! The face is curved and pretty slippery. I guess that's why the mask is a good idea,but they're still kind of hard to stamp.

 It didn't help that my markers, although fresh from the package, are old, and the green one hardly writes. That's why these girls ended up with pink eyes!
There was also a little cardboard wheel provided, which showed how the combinations of mouths and eyes would look together.

 The face could then be cleaned off,with water and a sponge, and replaced with another one. This could be done over and over again.

These two have pretty noticeable cheek blush.
 There were various coloured markers, but when we played with Emma's What's Her Face,I was always frustrated that there was no brown for the eyes!
The wigs,which are smaller than Liv wigs,had Velcro inside the top,which attached to the Velcro on the top of the doll's head.

The wigs came in several bright colours,like this pink one, as well as red,yellow,purple,orange,blue, and if I remember correctly,green,and even some two tone wigs.
  The clothes were always pretty wild,and they were reversible.These particular clothes are magnetic,and there are magnetic shapes to decorate them.

One could have dressed What's Her Face in Wee Three Friends clothes, because they used the same 9 1/2" tall  body.

The torso is the same one. The legs are different on this Wee Three Friends doll,but I don't think they all were.
The shoes are interchangeable.

With all of that changeable stuff, there was loads of play in a What's Her Face doll.
During What's Her Face's run there were several dolls produced,as well as accessory sets...

This particular set includes shoes,glasses,eye lashes,3 stampers for making eyes and mouths,and markers.

There were also wig sets,clothing sets,and sets with pieces that allowed you to create your own clothes.

...a What's Her Baby doll...

Ivy has one, but,understandably if you've seen her room,can't find it.

What's Her Baby shoes on the left, What's Her Face shoes on the right.

What's Her Baby stampers were smaller too.

...and even Whatever Pet,an animal that came with stampers and several different sets of ears and tails.

There were two or three different basic animals. One had a basic cat shape.

The one I have has a basic dog shape, but a neck that extends as the tail shortens.(He's pictured above right.) He has two sets of holes in his head and came with three sets of ears.

The rear set of holes is for the ears, and the front set of holes is to hold on his sunglasses.

He has bunny ears...
...and ears with horns attached. (The skirt goes to the Whatever Pet. It's made of the same magnetic stuff as the What's Her Face outfit above.) They make him look sort of like a baby giraffe when his neck is extended and his tail shrinks.

And plain old dog ears...I guess.

You can watch the commercial for What's Her Face HERE.
Come back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I don't like to whore my own blog, but I reviewed these last June! They're a great concept, but those stamps worked like crap. I think that if those masks had been stencils rather than stamps, this idea might have gone over better. Your doll is part of a Vacation or Explorer set, and the pet morphs into a donkey, a giraffe, and a monkey, I think. Fabulous review, as always!

  2. Ha! No problem! Here's link to your What's Her Face post,if anybody wants to check it out:
    If the stamps had at least had a firm back,so when they were pressed the middle got pressed too,that would have helped.
    I think Emma had the What's Her Adventure doll that wore the zebra clothes and came with the Whatever Pet. These are mine though, so I got them second hand and they aren't complete. She should have come with purple boots,but I only had one! Emma also had a brown skinned one with an orange wig, if I remember rightly.

  3. I just found my dog figure from this doll but I don't have any ears or other pieces left, so I was dying to see some pictures to remember it. Thank you for this post! Really brings back some memories. I could never get my faces right either, it was a little frustrating haha

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!


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