Thursday, November 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #326: Wispy Walker Paper Dolls

  Today's paper doll set is this one.

They're Wispy Walker paper dolls.

Wispy Walker,by Uneeda, was one of those 'hold my hand and I walk with you' dolls that were almost 3 feet tall. They were around forever,(and Amazon has a Wispy right now, which is supposed to be part of the Uneeda Classic Collction' of repro Uneeda dolls.),but I didn't realize Wispy Walker was popular enough to warrant it's own paper doll set.

These were made by,who else,Whitman,in 1976.
There are some cute outfits amongst the very 70's fare.

On the other hand...

As some of you may know, love sailor suits, so of course,I picked this one to have her try on.

There is even a granny dress,which was a popular style of the era.

Is the red one a dress or a nightgown though?

Eww. I think my sister had those ugly pants!
 I wore those horrible 70's clothes too as a kid.

 I don't think I thought much about fashion at the time!
From the look of that top outfit, neither did Wispy!

I'm not sure how complete this  set is,since a lot of the clothes had been cut. That's the other thing that always annoyed me about paper dolls,(other than the clothes never staying on.): you have to cut all those clothes out! All those little ruffles and stuff! It took forever. You really had to  work for that toy! Not worth it! (I still bought them for my kids though! What was I thinking?)
  See you tomorrow.happy Thanksgiving in case I don't!

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