Thursday, November 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #320: Dorothy

  Today's doll is a really familiar character.

Obviously she's Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz.

This is a Barbie version, of course. She looks nothing like Judy Garland who,as everyone knows,played Dorothy in the 1939 classic film.There have been several 'Barbie as Dorothy' dolls,including a 50th anniversary (of The Wizard of Oz) version,the Pink Label edition,and this one,from 1999. Here's what she looked like in the box.

 I think all those came with the same black plastic Toto. This version had a round picnic basket though,(Complete with blue and white gingham napkin), while the others had a rectangular one, more like the one from the movie.
Today's Dorothy has the Barbie face and body,with a slight difference.

Toto is guarding her feet, but, you see those holes in the tops of them?

Her feet, not her shoes,light up! She originally wore red translucent heels that the red light showed through, making it look as though her shoes were lighting up. Looks a bit odd without the shoes though,and you just know most kids lost those shoes. They just ended up with a weird Dorothy with stigmata.
  She also talks. She says,"There's no place like home." It's not Judy Garland's voice, unfortunately. Actually, I always hated the fact that Dorothy says she'll never leave home again. How boring is that? What's wrong with wanting to 'see big cities, big mountains', as Professor Marvel says? I agreed with Terry Gilliam when he said,"Of course there are better places than home." Home can be great, but there's so much more out there that everyone should have a chance to see before they decide to settle down and "never leave (here) ever,ever again".
  The dress is fairly accurate to the movie dress though,other than it's shiny factor.

One piece of Oz trivia that you may have seen me mention before: the real Dorothy dress was NOT blue and white.  Because of the way it photographed, the real dresses used for Dorothy,(There was more than one, and some of them are still around and on display somewhere.),were pink and blue instead. They photographed as white and blue.
  Tomorrow we'll see another doll.


  1. LOL, I'm in the process of reviewing a Shirley Temple doll and I read that her dresses weren't white and some other color either! They were pink, tan, or ivory, but never white. Photography sure has come a long way since then, hasn't it? I love your Dorothy!

    1. Yes it has! I think the Dorothy ones being pink had to do with the way early colour reacted with the lighting. But I read that early black and white cinematography even required specific colours to be used so that they looked the way they were supposed to in black and white. Like red wouldn't necessarily look like the right shade,so they would use another colour. It was quite a science! Have you looked at the Theirault's auction catalog for the Shirley Temple auction? Apparently her mother saved EVERYTHING from all her films, including costumes,(It was in her contract that she got to keep them all.),scripts,costume sketches, dolls,toys, photographs and Shirley's childhood drawings. If you're curious to see all her dresses in colour, it's at Oddly enough, I'm doing two of my Shirley Temple dolls for today's post. They had their photo shoot earlier today.


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