Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #324: Dawn Paper Dolls

  Sometimes I forget that dolls aren't always three dimensional. In going through all the stuff around here lately, I've come upon a lot of things I had completely forgotten about. One of them is this set of paper dolls.

They were made by Whitman Publishing in 1971.

Apparently these were Amy's..whoever she is.

Dawn was, of course, licensed by Whitman from Topper Toys.

Dawn the 3-D doll was a small little lady.The paper version, at 9 1/2" tall, is much bigger than her 3-D counterpart.

Since Dawn came in on the tail end of the Mod Era,her clothes have that Mod influence. These paper dolls do too.

The thing that has me confused about this paper doll set is, it claims to have a  'magic stay on wardrobe',but I don't see anything making the clothes stay on. they sure didn't when I tried.

That was always the thing that frustrated me about paper dolls. The clothes never stayed on. The only paper doll we ever had that didn't constantly lose their clothes, was a Shirley Temple set. Shirley has magnets in her cardboard body,and her clothes have little tin squares that stuck to the magnets. Her clothes stayed on great, unless the magnets fell off the clothes. Then... But Dawn doesn't have any magnets on her body,and her clothes don't have anything either. Was there something like Shirley's magnets and tin squares that's missing from this set? Does anybody know how these clothes are supposed to stay on?

They don't have tabs, so you can't even fall back on that.

  See you tomorrow or some more dolls.


  1. We had a set of "magic" paper dolls from about the same period as these. They worked by lying the clothes on the doll and rubbing them hard. I think these might be the same. But those were really easy to tear when you were rubbing and if you rub too hard or fast they make your hand feel burnt.

    1. Burnt hands. Sounds like a great toy! I will have to try that though and see if they stick. you've got me curious now.

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