Monday, November 6, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #310: Camping Fun Chelsea Boy

  Today is Ivy's birthday. My baby is 18 today! Where does the time go?! To mark Ivy's birthday I'm posting a doll from what was her favourite line when she was little. Well, her favourite was Kelly,but now Kelly is Chelsea, so...Anyway, it's this guy.

He's the latest boy in the Chelsea line,Camping Fun.

These days they don't seem to give the guys names.

This boy has the same face as the last boy, who was a brunette. I did a post on him, and you can see it HERE. That kid was cute. he even had freckles.

I nabbed this guy as soon as I saw him, but I'm not sure I like him. That's why he's not out of his box yet. He may not be staying.

I loved the last guy, the little brunette Chelsea friend. But this guy in blonde,even with the same face as the other one, just kind of has the same smarmy look as, say, a 1970's Ken. Bleh. Plus he's fishing, and I don't do hunting or fishing. All the dolls around here are vegetarian.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I would like to have all 3 types of these boys, even though 2 are blondes. I have two of the brunette boy, with a hope of daring to attempt painting his hair. I will order the blonde (light brown hair?) on Ebay. And I plan on ordering a couple of the Target exclusive Rockers kids also (the AA girl with an extra set of clothes + a yellow blonde boy with a piano (I have come over him while Googling, but it seems that he is not out yet)).

    I read in your review of the brunette that you would like articulation. You could change the body. Rider Chelsea can bend her legs + extend her arms outwards. Skater Chelsea can also bend her legs, but comes with molded shoes. The Chelsea that rides a bike-extention behind her sister, can bend her legs as the bike is moved. But her knees are extra loose. Also the student Chelsea dolls can bend their legs to sit at their desks, but their legs are coloured purple or pink. And is there not a Chelsea patient who can bend her legs? And the doctor checks her reflexes or something?

    1. Good luck painting the hair. it shouldn't be too hard. He would make a cute red head. I hadn't heard of the Rockers boy. I think you must be right that he's not out. I was at two Targets today,(It's Ivy's birthday and she loves Target.), and I didn't see any of them. I'm not current with Chelsea dolls. Since Ivy got too old for Kelly's i don't pay as much attention. I didn't know there were any bendy legged ones.

  2. Great find! I haven't seen them near me. Is the one pictures on the back of the box with Chelsea an AA doll? It looks like it on the picture.

    1. Unfortunately I think that's just the shading in the photograph. As far as I can tell there have only been Caucasian boys. Oddly enough, I am now seeing more of the dark haired Chelsea boy from the Club Chelsea line.I've seen more of him lately than the new blonde boy.


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