Friday, November 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #327: Jean Jeans Paper Dolls

  I hope all those in the U.S. had a nice Thanksgiving. Today's doll,continuing our paper doll theme, is Jean Jeans.

No, I never heard of her before either.

These paper dolls were made by Whitman (Of course!) in 1975.

Jean Jeans loves a certain type of fabric. Can you guess what it is?!

She has a complete wardrobe which is super heavy on the,you guessed it,JEANS!

I have one more set of paper dolls from this box of them that I somehow ended up with from an auction or somewhere. I'm going to save that set for a theme week down the road. but I wanted to show you the box. I love when I get things with messages and things from the original child owners. Some of them are really funny, like the shoe box of stuff I got at a yard sale that bore the warning,'Top Secret Rocks! Do Not Open!',and some are sweet. This box commemorates the love a little girl named Sara had for a boy named Teyo, and how someone named Mimi was  'so mean' to someone named Amy.

See you tomorrow for a doll, before the girls and I go to Akron to see Squeeze,


  1. I had the Jean Jeans paper doll! I got it in my Easter basket.

    It'd be fun to get together with you in Akron sometime. It's only about an hour from me.

    1. You're in Cleveland, right? I keep wanting to go to the rock and Roll Hall of Fame again,so maybe someday we can meet up. Akron is about 2 hours from us.

    2. I had another idea. Are there any doll shows near you? I am without doll shows now that the big Columbus ones are dead. Maybe we could meet at a doll show.


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