Monday, November 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #331: Mozart and Friends

  Ok, I don't know anything about these dolls, and haven't been able to find anything. So if anybody knows anything about them, let me know. Here they are. Let's start with this guy.

He's Mozart. I figured that, but he also had a hand written tag pinned to his to coat by his previous owner.

He's 8" tall.

That's not a bald spot. That's just the way his hair is laying.

He says Sweetheart on his back.


His head has this symbol.
He was accompanied by these ladies.

Let's just call them Wolfie's Angels.

They're also 8" tall, and use the exact same body and head sculpt as Wolfgang.

They aren't dressed in the same era's costumes as Mozart though.Their dresses are too short.
Several of them, including Wolfgang, have strange orangy stuff around their necks.

What is this stuff? Are their necks disintegrating? Was there some kind of rubber ring in there?
  When I was taking these photos I couldn't help constantly thinking of a sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore from their TV show, "Not Only But Also". It was a parody of the show "This Is Tom Jones", called "This Is Ludwig Von Beethoven".
This is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Dudley Moore as Beethoven hosted a variety show with guests like Wordsworth reciting poetry while accompanied by dancers dressed as giant daffodils. If you want to watch it you can see it HERE.


Unfortunately the part where Beethoven sings "It's Not Unusual" doesn't seem to be on YouTube,and I can't even find a photo. Trust me though,it's great.
  That's all for today. See you tomorrow for another doll. I've been digging deep lately. You never know what I'll find. 


  1. I can't offer a lot of info but did find that Sweetheart was a West German company that made souvenir doll. Many had "Tanzpuppe" printed on the boxes which seems to mean "Dancing Doll" and had winding keys. Couldn't find a reference to a Mozart one though. I wonder which book he's on page 246 of.

    1. I know. All it says is 'book 6'.Of what?! That's no help unless you say which books! Geez.Didn't Sweetheart also make some dolls that looked like Ginny?

  2. I love the "Wolfie's Angels"! Old Wolfie was quite the ladies' man back in his day. It's too bad about whatever that residue is on that doll's neck.

    1. Yes he was. That's one of the reasons the Tom Jones reference worked so well. I haven't tried to remove the neck stuff,since I'm not sure I'll be keeping them, but it looks like they were wearing heavy stage make-up and it rubbed off on their collars! You probably know what I mean since you have The Dancer.


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