Saturday, November 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #314:Skye

  Not too terribly long ago I did a post on Kenner's Dusty doll. (You can see that HERE.) In that post I mentioned Dusty's friend 'Skye'. I had a Skye, but I thought I had relinquished her a while back to finance Christmas presents and gas bills. Well the other day when I was going through things I found her. So today we're looking at Skye.

Like Dusty, Skye was made by Kenner.

Skye appeared in 1975.

Her original outfit was a pink,one piece bathing suit.

She has exactly the same body as Dusty,with a twist waist,jointed elbows, under a rubber skin,jointed wrists,and click bend knees.

Like Dusty, who was made to be a sports playing doll,Skye has a spring action arm which also makes her turn at the waist.

Also like Dusty, she has some big feet! She also has an odd, rather unattractive neck. The head should definitely sit down lower on the neck.

She has a cute face though.

And at least she has a neck joint that allows her head to tilt side to side and look up and down.

And she has great curly hair.

I'm not sure if this outfit is original to Dusty or Skye, but they are such an odd size, that it almost has to be.

Dusty and Skye are way bigger than Barbie. They pretty much have the same body as Kenner's Darci,except for the addition of their spring loaded arm and waist,clenching hand, and weird neck. (You can see my post on Darci HERE.)

I thought the Rose of Sharon was finished until I found this bud trying to bloom yesterday. Of course, it was in the 50's yesterday. Last night it was down to around freezing, and right now it's 21! That's Fahrenheit people! I would have taken more and better pictures of Skye if my hands hadn't been freezing!
Dusty and Skye were meant to be athletes, and their hands were made to hold baseball bats and golf clubs.

Tomorrow is Shrunken Saturday. We'll be looking at another miniature doll.

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