Monday, November 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #317: Northern Tissue Doll

  Today's doll may be familiar. You may have seen her staring out at you from a pack of toilet paper!

She's 16" tall.

She's a Northern Tissue doll.

Northern Tissue, or,toilet paper, made by James River Corporation,issued several dolls.

This particular doll is from 1988.

She has a vinyl head and a soft stuffed body and limbs.

Her dress, which closes in the back with Velcro, is  piece,and is removable,as are her undies. For a little girl she sure wears some Granny Panties!

She has red hair rooted with a middle part.

 Her hair is styled in two ponytails. The quality of the hair is pretty good, and the ponytails are thick and shiny.

She also has that combination I talked about the other day: brown eyes.

She knew he was being handled by me, so she felt the need to put her hairnet back on! (You may have read me talk about my bad hair skills.)

The dolls came in a plastic bag,as you can see here.

Most of the dolls were based on the illustrations on the Northern toilet paper packaging. I'm pretty sure that's our girl on the package in one of these two Northern toilet paper commercials you can see HERE and HERE.

Northern became known for their package illustrations by Frances Hook starting in 1958.

"Little girls are soft and dainty..." Give me a break. these people obviously did not know me when I was a kid.

Frances Hook was nicknamed the 'Berta Hummel of America' for her skill in creating sweet natural portraits of children. Frances often painted with her husband Richard in the later years of her career. They created many paintings and drawings of Jesus,often with children,and even illustrated the Tynedale House publisher's Living Bible. In their work together, Frances painted the children and women,and Richard painted the men. You can read more about Frances HERE.
  Northern  even sold prints of Frances' illustrations.

These prints are still popular collector's items today, although you're going to have to pay more than 25 cents!
  See you tomorrow for another doll.

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