Saturday, November 25, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #329: Shrunken Saturday:Kim

  Today's Shrunken Saturday doll is another one I discovered in the box of Emma's stuff I found while going through all our stuff.

This is her original dress, and she should have red shoes.
She's made by Uneeda.

From what I can find, she is either Kim or Dana, from 1970. Kim and Dana were both Uneeda dolls that came in this dress, and have the same special feature.

She's only 5" tall.

"Hey! Whatta ya mean 'only'?!"

But, tiny as she is, she has a grow hair feature!

I discovered this while I was combing her hair to tidy her up a little for her photo shoot.

She has a couple of pony tails. One is shorter than the other.  As I was combing her hair I discovered that the longer one pulls up out of her head.

That's when I realized she had growing hair. There is a tiny metal piece in the bottom of one of her feet that can be pulled out, to draw the hair back in.

There is actually a spot on the bottom of the other foot that looks like maybe they thought about making her with two reels and making the other ponytail 'grow' and retract.

   Unfortunately, the second time I tried to pull her ponytail up,the string or elastic disintegrated! I am going to attempt to repair her. 
Apparently Kim had an extensive wardrobe and even a case made for her. There was another Uneeda grow hair doll the same size as Kim and Dana, named Miki.She may have been made as a friend for Kin,or there may have been no connection. I don't know.
  There's a very good page with loads of information and pictures of all Kim/Dana's clothes and case,and possible friends. You can go to it HERE. As far as I know, the person who runs the site,Beth-Ellen Colvin, is no relation to me. But who knows?!
  That's it for today. See you tomorrow for another doll.

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