Thursday, November 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #325: Yellowstone Kelley Paper dolls

  I was so busy yesterday that I managed to take the pictures for this post, but didn't have time to do the post! So, I'm catching up by doing two posts today. keeping with our theme of paper dolls, this post features this lady.

She's Yellowstone Kelley.

The paper dolls were  made by Whitman in 1975.

Yellowstone Kelley was a Barbie friend from 1974,who used the Steffie face.The paper doll doesn't have Steffie's pouty lips though.

They do look vaguely like the illustration on the doll's package...

...and a couple of the paper outfits are Kelley the doll's original doll clothes.

Yellowstone Kelley was supposed to be an outdoorsy type who, supposedly, hung out in Yellowstone Park.

A lot of her clothes don't reflect that though.

In fact, a lot of them look like costumes.

I guess even outdoorsy types dress up once in a while. Besides, there is that camouflage romper.

Somehow, without even meaning to have one of these sets, I have two! It's just as well though, because neither of them is complete.  Putting both sets together, I think most of the clothes are there.

Don't forget to check for today's other post.

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