Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #312: Holly Hobbie

  Monday was Ivy's birthday,and she's still celebrating.

Ivy opening her signed copy of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". I've been sending the author,Annie Barrows, books to sign for Ivy since Ivy was little, and reading the "Ivy and Bean" books.
 Fuzzy and his girlfriend are coming over to enjoy Mexican take out with us and then Ivy will finally be blowing out candles on an ice cream cake. Ken likes to make birthdays stretch out at least a week, so we'll be at Ivy's mercy for a few more days at least.

Today's doll is one I had forgotten I had. I came across her yesterday while digging around for something else.

This poor lonely looking girl is Holly Hobbie.

At least, I think she's Holly. She could be a Holly friend. I'm thinking she's Holly because Holly seems to be the only one that came in brown boots, like this girl's. If anybody can identify her for sure,let me know.

She was made by Knickerbocker in 1974.

She measures 10" tall.

I'm guessing she originally had an apron or pinafore or something. She does have her original dress and bloomers, as well as her boots and stockings.

And how do I know these are her originals? Because the dress is sewn up the back and can't be removed,and the boots are so hard to get off that there's no way the socks could be changed! Are the boots supposed to be non-removable? I have no idea, but I was afraid I was going to rip her leg off trying, so I gave up! That must be why her apron or whatever is gone: it was the only thing the kid could get off, so it was going!

She has cute freckles, and,as Ivy exclaimed in amazement last night,"These Holly Hobbie dolls have  practically no nose at all!"

Her tiny mouth and eyes are painted indentations.

Her knees don't bend,but her legs are plastic down to just above the knees. Then the rest of her leg is vinyl. Weird.

Her hair is pretty thin. I don't think it started life this thin, but probably not far from it. It's also the type that gets crispy on the ends. Her hair was pretty nasty before her trip to the Tam Spa.

These 10" dolls are a bit less known than the smaller Holly Hobbie dolls. This is the only one I've ever found,while the little ones pop up now and then.

You can see one of my small Knickerbocker Holly Hobbie dolls HERE.

While I was taking Holly's picture I noticed that we still have some sweet peas left.

But the Rose of Sharon's seem to have finally called it quits.

Although there are still a few viable looking buds.

Come back tomorrow to see what else I managed to run across yesterday.


  1. Holly is the only blonde in the Group, so i can assure you she is Holly!

    1. Thanks. I kind of thought she was, but I'm not an expert. Was there more than one version of her? I can't find one in this dress or yellow pantaloons, but the boots are right.


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