Thursday, November 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #313:Gotz Modell Red Head

  This post has been updated. I found out who she is!
  Well, we're officially ready for winter now. Ken grudgingly took down his gazebo today and I packed it away in the porch cupboard until next year. As for my battle with the leaf sucker truck and the yard waste guys,I've called a truce on the leaf sucker truck,but the yard waste guys have ticked me off. A couple of weeks ago the leaf sucker truck came by and sucked up all the stuff I had left by the curb! All that pile of stuff, including loads of those little whiplike twigs that fall off the walnut tree. I was stunned and pleased! On the other hand, I started a new bunch of yard waste,which I sat out behind the trash on trash day,like I always do,(Because if it isn't there on trash day they seem to not know to pick it up on yard waste day,which is the day after.),and they totally ignored it for two weeks. I thought maybe yard waste pick up was over for the year. Today the trash guys picked up the trash and the yard waste too. That's fine, except they also took my laundry basket that I was putting twigs and sticks in! If they didn't pick it up for a couple of weeks, why did they take everything including the container today?!Even trash sat out in a laundry basket doesn't mean you want them to take the basket! Geez!
  Today's doll is a Gotz baby.

I got this cute, chubby little girl a few years ago at a yard sale.

She has no markings or tags on her,so I had no idea who she is made by or anything. I just liked her,so I brought her home.

Nothing on the back of that neck but wrinkles.

Turns out she's a Gotz Modell. I found one that looks just like her,only in  different dress,online.

Her brown eyes and red hair is a rare combination,which my son Fuzzy and I share with her.

She has sleep eyes.

Her body is stuffed cloth,and she has vinyl arms, legs and head.

Baby fingers.

 Her hair is very thickly rooted,and parted in the middle to make to ponytails.

She's 18" tall, but can't stand without support.


I'm guessing this is her original dress. She probably originally had one of those plastic 'Gotz Modell' pins on. She is wearing the same shoes as the girl I saw online, so they are her originals.

The people who owned the other one were assuming she was from the 70's. I don't know that she's that old. if anybody has any information to share, I'd still like to hear from you.

Tomorrow we'll check out another doll. See you then.

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