Monday, August 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 198: Stacey Week: Copper Penny Talking Stacey

  You'll have to excuse the crappy pictures today. Nobody can find the charger to the new camera's battery!
  Here is another Talking Stacey rebodied onto a Twist and Turn body.

This is the 'copper penny' red hair colour.

Today's Stacey is wearing Lemon Kick from 1970.

I think they're supposed to have yellow pilgrim shoes, but I have given her yellow squishy bow shoes.

There is also supposed to be a pair of yellow shorts worn underneath the pants. I don't have them, but I don't think it shows.

This Stacey is a little pale and slightly yellow, as Mod Era dolls can get sometimes. Supposedly they can be brought back to life using artists markers. I would be afraid totally ruin her using markers. I use watered down acrylic paint to blush cheeks. I have totally repinked faces on some dolls that way.

Red is the most dangerous colour of paint to use of Barbie faces. If you use the wrong kind, it can start to bleed out and turn the whole surrounding area red. I had this happen on a couple of dolls that I repainted the lips on. The red had been mixed with other colours to get the right colour to match the dolls existing lip paint, so it wasn't pure red, but apparently the red was still strong enough to take over. I've read that Liquitex acrylic is the red to use. I have a few dolls to repair, so I need to get some of that.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to the other camera. Now that I've gotten used to it I can see how bad the pictures are with the old one!

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