Saturday, August 30, 2014

Doll-A-Day 219: Skipper Saturday:Brunette Straight Leg Skipper

  This week's Skipper Saturday doll is, I think, the first Skipper I bought after I decided I wanted 'a' Skipper. She's this brunette straight leg doll.

I did a Dr. Frankenstein, and made this girl out of parts I bought at the big doll show one year. I bought a bag of heads and a bag of bodies and a couple of original Skipper swimsuits.

Not bad for a Frankenstein's monster, is she?

 She's wearing Country Picnic, from 1966.

Country Picnic is a bit hard to complete because it contains so many tiny accessories.

It consists of the dress, with butterfly appliques...

...matching purse...

...light pink flats...

 a picnic blanket, (Looks like a fringy tablecloth.),a thermos with removeable lid/cup, checked napkin,an aqua coloured plate,a hamburger, a hot dog, (Man, Skipper was hungry...),long handled roasting fork for the hot dog,a wax slice of watermelon,a strawberry soda in a glass, an ice cream cone, (Just how did Skipper take these things on a 'country picnic'?),a beach ball, (actually just a muticoloured rubber ball),a butterfly net, and a tiny monarch butterfly!

I at least have the clothes!(Actually I think I have the hot dog too.)
What it did NOT contain was a hat made of the same fabrics as the dress and purse. A lot of people sell a hat like that as the "rare Skipper Country Picnic hat". In truth, it's a Liddle Kiddle hat. Mattel used many of the same fabrics, and even accessories for Barbie and Liddle Kiddles. The hat belongs to Millie Middle, who came with a sand box and a pail and shovel.

Millie Middle Liddle Kiddle. Not my picture and I'll be glad to remove it. Just to warn Skipper collectors when they see this hat. It's NOT Skipper's.

See you tomorrow for a doll I got at last week's doll show.

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