Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 209: Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta

  Today I had to drop Ken off at work, and we all know what that means, don't we boys and girls? That's right. It means I took the opportunity to check out Goodwill and Salvation Army while I was on that side of town. Nothing to speak of at Goodwill today, but Salvation Army had a bug full of Monster High dolls: 6 dolls with all their original outfits, a couple of stands, and some of their accessories for $4.99. I jumped on that one. I'll be showing you the others this week as well as the mysterious message that was also in the bag...
  But for today we're looking at Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta.

Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. This is a little off, because, like Quasimodo, the Phantom of the Opera wasn't actually a monster. They were just  regular guys with 'problems'.
I'm getting I Love Lucy from this hairdo: "I'm a monster! Ricky! Wah!"

Emma knows a little girl who until recently collected Monster High dolls, so she has learned quite a bit about them from her. So Emma's my expert for information.Operetta happens to be her favourite Monster High doll.

One of the reasons is probably because, like Emma, Operetta is into music.She has music themed accessories, like her piano key belt...
The Phantom of the Opera was a musician whose face was scarred by acid and he went a little crazy. Somehow his daughter inherited his acid scar, (except hers is in a cool design.). Luckily she's a bit more accepting of her 'deformity'.

...and her piano key purse.

She also has a coffin shaped cell phone and compact, since she's a Monster High doll.

But her shoes look like they have dice on them. I get it for the 'Dot' theme here, but why dominoes with all the piano key stuff?
Poor girl has no toenails.
But the shoes are still really cool, as Monster High shoes tend to be.

Spiders! These are definitely shoes my mother would never have worn!

Everybody knows that Monster High dolls are wonderfully poseable.
What is that earring though? A spider web? Kind of looks like a webbed foot.
But they don't stand up very well without a stand. This pose took some leaning.

I love their delicate hands.

This picture reminds me of the old commercial for pantyhose. (This was in the olden days of my childhood when most ladies,my mom included, still wore garter belts and stockings, and panty hose were still kind of a new thing.) The point of the ad was that you could get by wearing these pantyhose and everybody would think they were stockings...until a windy day. The slogan was, "Nobody knows...until the wind blows." Kind of disgusting really. The wind would blow the skirt of the lady in the commercial, but modestly so. Hey, this was the early 60's.

I really like this doll. I haven't seen nearly as many Operetta dolls as some of the other characters, and before this my favourite was probably Frankie Stein. (I especially love the one that lights up and you can see her bones.)
Her eye doodad got a little out of whack.

See you tomorrow.

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