Thursday, August 7, 2014

Doll-A-Day 201: Stacey Week: Twist and Turn Stacey

  Well, fortunately I located the camera's battery charger. Unfortunately, not before Ken had ordered another one. Oh well, having a spare can't be a bad thing, especially considering how we misplace things around here! Hopefully yesterday and today's pictures are better than the couple of days before.
  This is our last vintage Stacey doll of Stacey Week. (But the week's not over yet!) She's a 'copper penny' Twist and Turn Stacey.

This is, I think, the first Stacey I owned. I actually bought her at a McMaster's auction a bit over 20 years ago.

She is the the most I expensive Stacey I ever bought: for $35! (Which seems a VERY good deal now, considering how nice this particular doll is.)

That was more than I would normally have spent for a doll for myself in those days. But...well, originally she was for someone else, so I justified it. After having her in my possession for a while, and loving her so much, I ended up keeping her. I'm really glad I did now, because she's one of my very favourite dolls.

Solo in the Spotlight? Pshaw!Stacey looks great as a nightclub singer too, in Enchanted Evening. This really cool real metal microphone was found at a yard sale. It's actually too short for a Barbie doll, but you'd never have known if I hadn't told...

 This version of Twist and Turn Stacey came wearing a  red one piece bathing suit with a belly cutout.Unlike Short Flip or Talking Stacey, this girl has three 'spit curls'.

Even though she's a Mod Era doll, I love her in this early Barbie fashion, Enchanted Evening.

Enchanted Evening is from 1960-63. It was so popular with collectors that it has been reproduced twice: The first time in 1987,on a porcelain ponytail Barbie reproduction, and the second time in 1996 on a vinyl  ponytail Barbie reproduction.

Enchanted Evening includes the satin dress, with either a rose or a rhinestone decoration on the hip...

This is obviously the rose version.

...the white rabbit fur stole, lined in pink satin...


...a triple strand 'pearl' necklace with dangly bits at the back,and clear mules with glitter. I actually have all the pieces, but the shoes and necklace were in a different box, and I was a bit busy today. So Stacey went jewelry free and is wearing vintage white Barbie mules.

The story of how I got the Enchanted Evening is a good one. A long time ago, probably over 20 years ago, when we used to do toy and doll shows, we were at a train and miniature show. Now that's a weird combination. One side of the room was ladies and their miniatures, and some dolls. The other side of the room was trains, train stuff, and some toy dealers. Since we were the only people there with Barbie dolls, one of the toy dealers approached us about selling some Barbie stuff he had recently come into. He'd gone to someone's house to check out a bunch of GI Joe stuff they were selling, since that was mainly what he dealt in. While he was there they also asked him if he was interested in buying a shoebox of Barbie stuff they had. He didn't know much about Barbie, except he knew the stuff was worth something. So he bought it, but now he was sort of stuck, because he didn't know anything about values, (This was the days before you could find out just about anything online, and even before Ebay.), and also because he had no outlet for selling it. He only did toy shows, and dolls, especially then, were just not sellers at toy shows. We looked it over. I was pretty excited. Ken, as usual, was super cautious. He didn't want to pay more than he could get back,and we didn't know much about vintage stuff, which was what was in the box. He hemmed and hawed. I managed to convince him he could make his money back, and then he had to haggle with the toy guy. Finally, the guy took $75 and an American Gladiators Zap figure, (He wanted it for himself.), in exchange for the treasure chest of a shoe box.    
Does anybody remember this show? Grown muscle bound people hitting each other with giant Q-Tips.
The contents of the box were something out of a dream. Inside was a collection of mint and complete vintage Barbie outfits, an ash blonde bubble cut Barbie with smokey eye shadow----the most beautiful bubble cut I have ever seen----, and a titian Midge. Down in the bottom of the box, amongst the shoes and jewelry, was Midge's wrist tag. Everything was so mint. It was like the kid who owned the stuff had maybe played with it a little on Christmas morning, scooped everything into the shoebox at the end of play, and never looked at it again. Included were:
Solo in the Spotlight
Enchanted Evening
Black Magic
Busy Morning
Nighty Negligee
Satin 'n Rose
Undergarments, (in pale blue),missing the bra and girdle and one shoe.
And maybe some others I can't remember. Everything ,except for the Undergarments lingerie set,was complete too, including the shoes and jewelry! I kept my favourites, Enchanted Evening, and Satin 'N Rose, plus I still have Nighty Negligee and the Undergarments pieces too. Curiously,although Midge's bathing suit was included, Barbie's was missing.
  Tomorrow, for the conclusion of Stacey Week, we'll look at the reproduction Stacey. Til then...

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