Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 217: Talkin' 'Bout Boys Week: Pepper's Friend Pos'n Salty

  Today's doll is sort of a rare one. He's the friend of Tammy's little sister Pepper: Pos'n Salty.

Salty was produced in 1964, as part of Ideal's Tammy's Family line of dolls.
Awww! Isn't he cute?

He stands 7 1/2" tall.He's smaller than Pepper, mainly because her rooted hair makes her look so much bigger.
His hair needs a touch up.

He is exactly the same doll as Tammy and Pepper's brother Pete, except for his clothes. Pete came in a maroon short sleeved shirt and jeans with 'patches' on them. Salty came in a striped short sleeve shirt that matched the upper half of Pos'n Pepper's dress.
Not my Salty, and I will gladly remove him if asked. Seeing him in the box helps with identification though.Salty came with all sorts of cool stuff, like his baseball cap, mitt, and glove, as well as a catcher's mask!

Pepper in her box, also not mine.She and her friend match. Shouldn't she match her brother instead?

 That's how I know this guy is Salty, and not Pete. He was wearing these pants when I got him. His shirt has gone AWOL though, so for the time being he's wearing this one.

This shirt may actually be backwards, but the other way it would look too much like a girl's shirt.
The Pos'n dolls have bendable arms and legs, sort of like Penny Brite's, only a lot easier to bend!

 The limbs are sort of hollow soft plastic with wires inside. Nothing like wire filled rubber Tutti arms. These are just like regular Tammy or Pepper arms only with wires inside. Salty's wires seem to have partially folded up inside his arms, sort of like old fashioned stuffed Easter bunny ears. I think every time I bend his arms the wires wad up some more. They are only a little way past his elbows now. His legs are more solid and rubbery, not hollow like his arms.

Like the rest of the Tammy Family dolls, Salty is a bit stockier than the Barbie family dolls.Though he's shorter than Rickey, he's much bigger in other ways, making him way out of scale with Ricky.

Tomorrow we conclude Talking About Boys week with a rare boy indeed, and he's one of my favourites.


  1. My, what a cute little boy!
    I like the boydolls, but they're much rarer then the girls.

    some time ago I bought a Ricky clone, but he's nowhere as nice as this buddy

    1. I love boy dolls too. A lot of people prefer girls though, so we get fewer boys. I have seen photos of some Ricky clones, and now I want one! I've never seen one in person.


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