Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doll-A-Day 200:Stacey Week: Talking Stacey

  Well, here we are on a bit of a milestone day: the 200th Doll-A-Day post! There have been a few misses this year, but not many. It's been a challenge to post something everyday. Some days I have missed, but some days I have done two posts. What am I? Crazy?
  I was very busy doing stuff around the house today, so instead of doing a special post for day 200, I'm just doing a quick post. I know you've seen two Talking Staceys already, but here's one more.

This is a 'copper penny' Talking Stacey.

 She's obviously the Stacey that came in the striped two piece bathing suit because she still has her original green hair ribbon...which is far too short for me to ever get retied.
She's wearing Barbie's City Sparkler fashion.

City Sparkler came with green Pilgrim shoes. I don't have any, but then I do have some green shoes, which I forgot to leave out when I was putting stuff away. Typical.

'The One Hair': It's actually two, and they're eyelashes.

City Sparkler,from 1970, is one of my favourite Mod Era Barbie fashions, and it looks great on a red haired Stacey.

Tomorrow we're going to see my favourite Stacey. See you then.

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