Saturday, August 16, 2014

Doll-A-Day 206: Skipper Saturday: Titian Bend Leg Skipper

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this Bend Leg Skipper.

  I nearly got rid of this girl because I didn't like her butter lips and, like a lot of Bend Leg Skippers, her bangs won't lay down very well.

But I put her in this outfit, and I started to realize her merits.

She has a nice pink complexion and gorgeous titian hair.

The pink in this sweater brings out her pink skin tone. Bend Leg Skippers also came in the 'tan' skin tone that looks somewhat gray.

She's wearing Rolla Scoot, from 1967.
She looks a bit 'hippy' because her pants are too baggy: the thread loop for the hook needs resewn.

Rolla Scoot consists of the sweater with it's GIANT flower applique'...

orange bell bottom pants,pink flats, and the red roller skates with black wheels.

I've given her orange flats instead though. I had to use flats that would go on a Bend Leg without splitting, and fit into the roller skate.

As you can see, I only have one roller skate, and that one has problems. The roller skates are harder to find than the outfit, especially in good condition.

Bend Leg Skippers don't have a Twist and Turn waist. They are basically like the straight leg dolls except for their bendable knees. They were introduced as tan skinned dolls in 1965 and later were produced with the pink skin tone. The last year for the Bend Leg was 1967. After that came the straight haired Twist and Turn Skippers with rooted eyelashes and bendable legs.

See you again tomorrow.

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