Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doll-A-Day 199: Stacey Week:Short Flip Stacey

  We're still suffering the loss of the camera's battery charger, so it was either give up or use the old camera. Sorry about the picture quality!
  Today's Stacey is another 'copper penny' red haired doll, this Short Flip Stacey.

I have seen these dolls with the hairstyle loose and pluffy, and it looks great. I just don't dare try it, because I'm terrible with hair and if it turned out awful, then I probably couldn't get her back to normal!

'The One Hair': This time it's an eyelash!
 Like all other Stacey's, the Short Flip doll came with 'copper penny' red hair, or platinum blonde.

The 'copper penny' Short Flip Stacey was featured in the Stacey Night Lightening Gift Set reproduction in 2006. (We'll have a look at that set later in the week.) There was also a convention only exclusive Night Lightening reproduction that came with a blonde short flip.

Today's doll is wearing Barbie's Ruffles and Swirls fashion from 1970-71.

There should also be a pink vinyl belt and hot pink Pilgrim shoes.I don't have the belt, and as usual, I'm short on shoes, so Stacey is wearing vintage turquoise Barbie mules.

Hopefully we'll locate the battery charger tomorrow. Join us for another Stacey and see if we did...

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