Saturday, August 2, 2014

Doll-A-Day 196: Skipper Saturday: Brunette Twist and Turn Skipper, And The Return of the Lemon Blonde Straight Leg

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this brunette Twist and Turn Skipper.
 The Twist and Turn was produced in 1968. She has a twist and turn waist, bend knees, and rooted eyelashes. After these dolls came the sausage curl Skipper.

This doll is wearing one of my finds this weekend. On Friday Emma and I stopped at a church sale on the way to the fair. They had 2 tables that were sparsely covered with toys. There were a couple of pieces of baby doll clothing, and one piece of smaller doll clothing: this Skipper outfit from 1970, called Summer Slacks.

Summer Slacks came in a multitude of fabrics, alot of them leftovers from other Skipper or Barbie fashions.

It came with a yellow vinyl belt and a pair of rose coloured sunglasses, sort of like a darker version of P.J.'s sunglasses.(I don't have the belt or the sunglasses.)
Notice the empty belt loops.

It didn't come with shoes though. Oh well, they are summer slacks.

I've added a vintage pair of  hot pink ankle boots. Barbie, Francie and Skipper all had  these boots in various colours. These are from Skipper's 'Quick Changes' outfit.
No matter how hard I tried, that waist just wouldn't pull up any higher.
Summer  Slacks are made from the same pattern as the jumpsuit to Patent and Pants, which I showed you last week.

In putting this doll into her poses for her photo shoot I made a discovery: Her legs not only bend and hold three clicks,they bend and hold four! No lie! Weird, huh?

 This doll is so pretty, but she has lots of tiny needle sized chew holes all over her ankles. That makes her a perfect candidate for long pants.She has slightly thin hair but all of her eyelashes.

Once again, here is the mystery flower that grew on it's own in my amaryllis. Now what is it?

This weekend I also found this little guy at the church sale. Cute little guy. He's jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips and has real suede paw pads. (I'd prefer they weren't real suede, but he's second hand, so I'm letting it go. I don't buy anything new made with fur,suede or leather,since we also don't eat animals.He already existed and if he went in the dump it would be a complete waste of life.)

And my new favourite thing? This really cool miniature Victrola!

Isn't is amazing? I want one of these in full size for my house too.It's the perfect size for 1/6 scale.The lid opens, but the record arm can't be moved.

The doors below are fake too.Still, totally worth the $3 I paid for it today at a garage sale. 

It really winds up by the handle on the side. Unfortunately, it plays a Barry Manilow song.

After all these years I only just realized what's wrong with "I Write the Songs". (Besides everything...) It makes no sense! "I am Music, and I write the songs." Music doesn't write songs! Music is part of the songs.And the dumbest thing is,Barry Manilow didn't write the song "I Write the Songs".
Now where was I?
Oh! Remember a few weeks back when I showed you a straight leg lemon blonde Skipper in Land and Sea? I promised to show her to you again after working on her matted bangs.I got her hair nice, and then promptly misplaced her head, which I had removed to work on. Well, I found it the other day, so here she is with her new, softer,straighter hair.

Here she is before, just to remind you.

 A bit of a difference.

"Hey! This is my week!"

  Oh, we now have baby ears of corn and baby tomatoes all over the place. (Well, on the plants.) Maybe I can grow something after all.
See you tomorrow.

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