Thursday, August 21, 2014

Doll-A-Day 210: Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra Vondergeist and the Amazing Salvation Army Find

  Well, I am doing a post today, even though  my bad shoulder is killing me and I got nothing else done except taking Emma's cat Cowboy to the vet for his shots. (He's my only grandchild!) I did also take Ken to work and stop at the thrift stores. (Ahem...) I found a really beautiful antique wooden sewing machine parts box and a set of miniature bleachers I'll show you when I figure out who they fit.
  On the last Doll-A-Day post I showed you a Monster High doll and told you about finding a great lot of Monster high dolls at Salvation Army for $4.99. Well today I'm showing you the whole lot, but today's doll is Spectra Vondergeist from the Dot Dead Gorgeous series. First, here's the lot.

They came with a bunch of accessories. I'm still figuring out what goes with who.There were also 2 and a half stands.

And here's a closer look at all the dolls.

Ghoulia Yelps, Spectra Vondergeist,Abbey Bominable,Operetta,Lagoona Blue, and Clawdeen Wolf
They're all in such nice condition.(Except Lagoona Blue is missing her leg fins.)I'm not sure they were played with at all. There was also this mysterious note in with them.

Ivy theorized that someone was using them in a scavenger/treasure hunt, hid them in the trash,and they didn't get found before they were thrown out. But if that's the case,why was the note in with them?It looks like a kid's handwriting,but I wondered if maybe the parent was trying to make a point about the kid not picking up their toys and hid them in the trash as a 'clean your room and you'll find them or else they are going' kind of thing. But then the note wouldn't be in with them and besides, they weren't thrown away, they were donated to Salvation Army.
  Anyway, the mystery aside, here's today's doll.

I don't think that thing around her neck is hers, or maybe not even a necklace, but I put it on her. It matches her other stuff.
She has kind of a Lauren Bacall look about her.

If Lauren Bacall had had purple hair and lips...

I've looked at the Spectra dolls before, and I liked the see-through hands and feet. (She's supposed to be the daughter of a ghost.)

"Look Ma. No hands."

...Or feet either.
She's from the same series as the Operetta (Which I showed you the other day.), and the Lagoona Blue: 'Dot Dead Gorgeous'.(Clawdeen and Abbey are from 'Dead Tired', and Ghoulia is from 'Scaris, City of Frights'.)

 'Cause they have polka dots on their clothes, see?

The whole series, from the back of one of the cards included in the lot. I can't quite see the polka dots on the other three. Maybe on Ghoulia.

And here are some more pictures of her interesting face.

See you tomorrow, (I hope.I have a lot to do.)


  1. This is really late but the thing around Spectra's neck is a ponytail holder! Her hair came in a ponytail with a clear plastic band with the silver thing wrapped around to hide it.

    1. Never too late to solve a mystery. Thanks. I'll have to put her back the right way.


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