Saturday, August 9, 2014

Doll-A-Day 202: Stacey Week: Stacey Night Lightning Gift Set Reproduction

  This is our last post for Stacey Week. Today's doll is the reproduction Short Flip Stacey from the Night Lightning Gift Set reproduction from 2006.

The original was released in 1969 as a Sears exclusive.

The box is even a reproduction of the original box, except that it does say 'Reproduction'. I like that Mattel always labels it's reproductions as such. That helps prevent people from getting ripped off, thinking they're buying the original.

Except for the back. It obviously wouldn't talk about 'in the swinging 60's' when it was the swinging 60's.

The doll is not a bad reproduction. I've seen much worse. (Like, oh yeah, that red haired Skipper reproduction, or the Francie reproductions.)
She even has that slightly cross eyed look Stacey's always have.

The legs are always too shiny and hard looking on the reproductions.

Here she is with an original Short Flip Stacey.
The eyebrows aren't quite right. They should be slightly darker and slightly thicker.
 It's not the best of comparisons since I don't have a mint vintage Short Flip Stacey.

Mattel reproduced the original swimsuit for the Short Flip Stacey...
Ha ha. She's got The One Hair, and I haven't even taken her out of the box yet. Wait a minute. What am I laughing at?
...her wrist tag...
But it doesn't say 'repro' does it? Maybe it's on the back. I didn't think to look.

...and the Night Lightning fashion.

Complete with tights and shoes.(And that hairy dress.)
 That's it for Stacey Week. See you tomorrow for Skipper Saturday.

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