Friday, August 15, 2014

Doll-A-Day 205: Tiny Teens Doll

  First of all, welcome to our new follower, Night Owl, who's blog What Happens in the Doll Room... has some beautiful photography.
   I'm putting the review on hold again, probably until Monday at least, to spend some time tonight with my girls. Ivy goes back to school on Monday, so only two more days of fun.
  Today's doll is this Tiny Teens doll.

These Tiny Teens dolls were made by Uneeda in 1967.

Tiny Teens dolls are 5" tall. They have rooted hair and eyelashes.

They are jointed at the neck,shoulders, and hips. The neck has a ball joint, so the head can be tilted as well as turned.

This doll is 'Shower Time',(As in  rain showers, hence the raincoat.) and she is from the original group of 12 Tiny Teens 1967 dolls.

She also came with a black vinyl rain scarf and black vinyl boots.I don't think I have ever seen a Tiny Teens doll with it's shoes intact.
Uneeda kept recycling the name 'Tiny Teens'. Their 50's Tiny Teens were little Miss Revlon sized look alike dolls.They also had a line of 8" dolls in the 70's named Tiny Teens.
  See you tomorrow for Skipper Saturday.


  1. Thank you so much for your nice welcome :-) ! I love 60s dolls, especially for the groovy outfits and materials used. This rain coat is so cute!

    1. Thanks for following. I'm a kid of the 60's, so the dolls of that era always make me feel like I'm still a kid. I remember playing with dolls like these so well.


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