Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doll-A-Day 212: Skipper Saturday: Brunette Twist and Turn Skipper

  Today is another Skipper Saturday and another of my favourite Skippers. The doll for today is this Twist and Turn Skipper.

She's one of my nicest Skipper's and when I got out her for her photo shoot I found that her arms have gone pale and her face is starting to yellow! Ah!

She's still beautiful. I have taken her off display to see if keeping her out of the light will stop the fading.

It's such a shame because she has all of her eyelashes and hair,with no haircut.Her face paint is perfect too.

Around here school has started up again already.Skipper's wearing School's Cool, from 1969/70.

School's Cool consists of the flowered dress,orange tights, hot pink ankle boots,and...a telephone? That wouldn't surprise me these days, but nobody took a phone to school back then. (For one thing,it wouldn't have worked unplugged from the wall.)

She has a Big Chief tablet, just like the ones I used when I was a kid. I hate that the pencil is glued to it. I tried to make it look like she's holding the pencil too.
Blythe dolls can wear vintage Skipper clothes, and School's Cool seems to be popular with collectors for putting on their Blythes.

That's a real pocket. If she could bend her arm she could put her hand in it.

  Today was the local doll show here in town, which I totally forgot to mention for any local readers. I didn't do the show this year, but I went to check it out and do a bit of visiting with friends.I got the very pretty chair Skipper is using in her pictures, and a few other things I will show you in some upcoming posts.


   I love doll sized chairs. I have waaay too many. I need to start eliminating some, but they're all so cool. This isn't actually the only one I bought today.

Tomorrow starts a new theme week. It's all about boys this coming week. I also stopped at the thrift stores after dropping Ken off at work today and got an amazing deal.That will be another upcoming post.(Tease, tease.)


  1. That's a very pretty Skipper, I love her hair color. The outfit is so cute, maybe the phone is added to call her friends after school or something :-). Great chair too!

    1. Thanks. I love her, but I'd trade her any day for the titian version! I wish I had a human sized version of the chair too.


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