Sunday, August 31, 2014

Doll-A-Day 220: Fisher Price Lapsitter Joey

  It rained today, so I didn't get to take the pictures of the doll I wanted to do,the one I got at the doll show last week. So today's doll is one you had a preview of recently. He's Joey by Fisher Price.

He was made at a time when it was starting to be suggested that little boys should be given dolls too.

These dolls aren't officially called Lapsitter dolls, but they've become known as that.  The actual name of the line was Little Girl Dolls, when they were introduced in 1974. Joey entered the line the next year. I don't know what they did about the name of the line then.

Joey is 14" tall, but can't stand of course. (He's doing a lot of leaning here.)He's soft, all cloth except for his head, and much more adept at sitting than standing.

 The girls from the previous year were made so that when their outer clothes were removed, their bodies looked like they were wearing pajamas. Joey could remove his blue jacket with yellow sleeves, (As mine obviously has!),but under it he's wearing a striped shirt and jeans. Maybe he sleeps in his clothes. (Well, he'd have to...)

His shoes really tie and untie.

He has pointy fingers on both hands.
They went that-a-way...and that-a-way.
He has thinly rooted brown hair and cute little freckles.

See you again tomorrow.

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  1. Still have our Joey, from 1974 first Christmas!


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