Wednesday, September 3, 2014

20,000 and Still Going! And great 1/6 scale trash cans!

  Whoa! I hit 20,000 page views last night! I started this blog a little over a year ago and it seemed like ages before anyone was actually looking. Thanks everybody for stopping by. I hope you're all enjoying reading my blatherings as much as I enjoy...blathering them?
  While I'm here I wanted to share this great thing I got recently. Tammy World and her dad, Wally, are helping me.
These really cool 1/6 scale trash cans!

  I saw something online somewhere about them being available at Walmart, so I sent Fuzz on a mission for me. Sorry I can't give credit to whoever posted it, but I honestly can't remember where I saw it.They're actually pencil holders. The sticker on the outside says 'Pencil Bin'. But they are perfect 1/6 scale trash cans.

"Here's some trash Dad." "Ok. Put it in."

"Don't drop that lid on me like last time." "That was an accident." "Uh huh."

They even have wheels on the back and a handle to haul it around by. Mr. World's bent arms don't fit quite right, but the new jointy arm Barbie line guys look perfect with it.

"I like this one Dad. It looks like a Creamsicle." "Well I wouldn't lick it if I were you."

"Oh gross!"

They came in this blue, what Fuzzy describes as a 'neon green',and this road workers orange.
"Take me for a ride Dad!" "Get off Tam. We have to finish showing these trash cans to the people."
"What 'people'?"

 They're in the school supplies, and our local Walmart only had one blue one left. I think the blue ones look way more realistic, although Ken swears that he has seen orange ones like this one in human size. (He's obviously been somewhere I haven't been!)

"Are we done showing 'the people' now Dad? Can I push one?" "There really are people Tammy." "Sure there are...Can I push one?" *Sigh* "Yeah I guess. Take the green one. The orange one's not full." "Ok."
I picked up the last green one last night. Fuzz said they didn't look very realistic, but I think they're fine. The lighting in this picture makes it look a little glowy, but it's not really.

 Fuzz picked the blue and orange ones up for me and suggested I could always paint the orange one.
 It's too far from the start of school I guess, because most Walmarts seem to be out of them. I checked a different Walmart when Lori and I went to the flea market last Friday and all they had was one orange one without a lid.
  I would have liked to have had another blue one, and a black or grey one would have been great. I suppose that isn't a cool colour for a pencil bin though, which is why they made them in the bright colours instead.Good luck finding these things. They'll look great in dioramas. I know my kids would have loved to have them for their dolls too.


  1. Thanks for showing these in action. I saw them on Ms. Leo's page a couple weeks ago, but when I looked I couldn't find them. I need to go check again, after seeing all the details, like the wheels.

    1. I think Ms Leo's page may be where I saw them.(Check out Ms. Leo people. Her blog is Thanks for mentioning that. There are a bunch of similar, or even better ones available on Ebay listed under 'mini trash can pencil holder' including a BLACK ONE! That's what I really wanted! It looks real. But beware: they are much more expensive than the Walmart ones!

  2. Hi Tam! Now that school is back in session, I feel like I'm getting some order back to my life! I've seen those cans here in local dollar stores (Dollarama) in various colours, but not what you've shown. I've got two, one in pink (I'm not sure what I was thinking when I got that one) and one in the same green as human sized cans. I've also seen them in the recycling blue colour with the triangular logo on it. By the way, I do have some pictures of the checkers set, but I think I'm going to set up a Wonderlandian checker game between the Mad Hatter and Madeline.

    1. I don't think we have Dollarama around here. The green and blue ones with the symbol sound great. I wish I could find some of those. I've seen people selling them online for about $8!
      The Wonderland game sounds like it will be great! I love Alice, so I'll be looking forward to that. Make sure you send us a link!

  3. I forgot to add that I love the pictures!

    1. Thanks. I think they turned out pretty well. A bendy arm guy worked a lot better, but I had to use Tammy and Wally!


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