Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doll-A-Day 237: Baby Miss Piggy

  Since I wasn't able to do the Miss Piggy bride doll the other day, I thought I'd go to the other end of the spectrum and show you Baby Miss Piggy.

Her trademark lavender gloves are white for some reason. The stitching is lavender though.??
She's from the line of Hasbro Softies, made in the 80's.

The baby Muppets were first seen in a daydream of Miss Piggy's in the movie The Muppets Take Manhatten in 1986. (The next time you see the clip,with the song "I'm Gonna Always Love You", make sure you watch for little Piggy's tapping foot seen under Rowlf's piano.)They were so cute and popular that the animated series Muppet Babies was created.
Awww. Makes me think of baby Ivy, and the way she kept her legs drawn up for ages. I always tell her she was like a little sack of sugar on my shoulder: no legs and all the weight in one little lump.
Unsentimental Niece loved The Muppet Babies when she was little, and so did my kids. I thought it was a great cartoon, inspiring kids to use their imaginations and engage in creative play.

 And of course the whole idea was just so cute. The 'real' baby Muppets in the movie were way cuter than the animated ones, but still. I always had to wonder though, where all their parents were, and why their 'Nanny' was a human. I thought it was a clever idea to include Kermit's nephew Robin as a tadpole in a bowl!
See you tomorrow for another doll.

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