Thursday, September 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 224: Small Red Haired Groom

  Today's doll is just a little guy I got at the auction last week. He's one of those inexpensive 60's dolls, like I used to buy when I was a kid.

He's such a cute little guy though. I had so many freckle faced red haired dolls as a kid. That is, I still do. I have the ones I had as a kid, and more I've bought as an adult.

He's about 6 1/2" tall.

Here he is with Tammy and Pepper's friend Pos'n Salty for comparison:

He was in a box of brides and grooms, so that, added to his attire, leads me to believe he is a groom, albeit a very young one.
"Get me to the church on time."

The stripes are a bit loud for a groom."Yeah, I'm a flashy groom."

Or maybe he's just a ring bearer...without a ring.

His clothes are all removeable, but the snaps, (One on his coat and one on his pants.), are so old they don't unsnap any more. The clothes are mint though.

His shirt is really just a shirt front.

 He might be marked somewhere, but I can't get his snaps undone to check.

His shoes are a bit girly, but that was pretty common back when he was made. These dolls were inexpensive and the companies didn't want to make new molds for guy shoes.

After taking these pictures quickly, because I had to take Ken to work and then go watch Emma in the Popcorn Parade, (It's a Marion thing.She was riding in the radio station's car.), I discovered that his head is on a ball joint, so it can tilt in cute ways.

Maybe I'll add a couple more pictures sometime.
I'll be having some reviews in the coming week or so, so make sure to check back in.

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