Sunday, September 14, 2014

Doll-A-Day 234: Jackie by Ideal

  Today's doll is one that's a bit rare. She's Jackie.

Jackie was made by Ideal in 1961.

The same mold was used to produce Ideal's Liz doll, and her Montgomery Wards exclusive twin, Carol Brent. Liz and Carol Brent are almost identical to Jackie, and the three are often confused for each other. The identifying feature is the eyes. Jackie has sleep eyes and Liz and Carol Brent have painted eyes.

Jackie also bears some resemblance to Ideal's12 1/2" doll ,Tammy's mom, but at 15",Jackie is much taller.Tammy's mom also has painted eyes.

I love her graceful hands.

After First Lady Jackie Kennedy protested to having a doll bear her name, 'Jackie' (The doll, that is.) was discontinued. I would have thought she might have been complimented at having a doll named after her. It's not like the doll even looks like her, so they weren't directly making money from her likeness.

Jackie Kennedy...

...not Jackie Kennedy.
My Jackie was nude when I got her, so here she's wearing a very well made outfit in corduroy, with beautiful shades of blue and green that really compliment her colouring.

That's the doll for today. I'm off to sleep!

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