Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Doll-A-Day 229: So In Style Kara Plus a Reveiw of MiWorld Dairy Queen Treat Set Collector Pack

  Today's doll will be assisting me in my review of the MiWorld Dairy Queen Treat Set Collector Pack. She's So In Style Concert Kara.

I was looking for a doll to use for size comparison with the MiWorld set, and to use as Doll of the Day, so I wanted a doll in all her original garb, so she was recognizable. I waited until late tonight because I was watching tv with Ivy, so to help me out, Ivy grabbed one of her dolls that was easily accessible. Kara is who she came up with, and I thought she fit the criteria: all original clothes. Why, Ivy was even able to find her other shoe at the last minute. Then when I looked her up so I could say what series she's from, I find that she is, indeed, Concert Kara, but she's wearing Concert Trichelle's clothes and shoes! Oh well. At least the doll and shoes are both from the same series! (And knowing Ivy's room, who knows where poor Trichelle is!)

Trichelle's shoes with built in leg warmers. They're split up the back so they go on and off easily. 
  All the dolls in this series wore similar dresses in different colours. Kara's dress is gold or orange from what I can tell from photograph's, since Ivy has gone to bed and probably couldn't find it anyway.
  The So In Style dolls, or S.I.S. dolls were first produced in 2009 I believe. They were created by a lady named  Stacey McBride Irby.There were originally 3 dolls, Grace, Trichelle, and... Chandra? (Somebody help me here. There is precious little information out there about these dolls! I'm going from memory, as Ivy was obsessed with getting all these dolls in her oh so far away youth. (She's almost 15 now.) I remember there were 3 girls, and they later added another. I can't remember if the last addition was Kara or Chandra. They also later added little sisters, Courtney, Janessa, and Kianna,which used the long thin body of Barbie's current littlest sister,Chelsea. Eventually there was a little brother, (Not sure who's brother he was.), named Julian.There was even a guy named Darren. He didn't get is own head mold, as the girls did though. He borrowed Ken's friend Steven's head. I think we ended up with multiples of the older girls,(Ivy has a billion of them.), all the children, but somehow no Darren.
I never noticed, until I looked at these pictures, that Kara has a painted hairline on her forehead. My mom had a hairline like that and she hated it. I'm not sure if it makes Kara look more real or not, since the other hair is rooted. In a way it looks like her head is dirty.
Make your way over to the table Kara and see what we have for you.
Have a seat.
Her legs are hard plastic that doesn't even bend. I see we put that shoe that was found at the last moment on a little, uh...badly.

So here's our review item for today. It's the MiWorld Dairy Queen accessory pack.

I love the MiWorld sets. They came with so much cool little stuff. I didn't buy one though, because it wasn't in the budget at the time. (When they were available around here.) They were in with the clearance stuff at our Walmart, but they weren't marked down, just discontinued.When I found out they were discontinued I was disappointed. It seemed like such a nice line, with so many play possibilities.But I found this accessory set, along with several others at Toys R Us last week. That was out of town, so maybe it's just around here that they aren't being carried.
Here's the set as it comes out of the package.
These were a pretty good deal at $2.99.
The drinks and desserts in the set come without labels...

...but you're provided with stickers so you can finish them up. I only put stickers on one side, even though you are supplied with two. that way the dolls can be at Dairy Queen, or somewhere else. It probably won't make much difference though, as you'll see from the pictures, that even though I only put the stickers on a few days ago, they are already coming off. I don't see them sticking through play.

...and after.

I tried to feel the stuff through the package to see what size it was. There seems to be some straying from scale with the MiWorld stuff.

As you can see from Kara's hands near them, some of the things are 1/6, or play scale, the perfect size for fashion dolls like the So In Style girls and Barbie.

The Orange Julius, the chocolate milk shake, and the Arctic Rush seem to be just right, but the Blizzard looks a little small. And the sundaes seem tiny. (Ivy says maybe they are children's cups!) Ok, we'll test that theory out.
I guess those sundaes look ok with Tammy.
Tammy is trying to ignore that chocolate milkshake, but I know it's her favourite. (Actually, when I was a kid I always ordered a cherry snow cone.)
Eeny meeny miney...Oh forget it. Where's the chocolate milk shake?! I think the straws should have been white or something.The sticker is coming off that Blizzard, and I only just pressed them back down before I took the pictures.
How about the old Kelly dolls?
Are milk shakes and Orange Julius's really a third of the size of a toddler? Wow.
Here they are with a 1/12 scale (6" tall) dollhouse man, which is more the size the actual MiWorld sets are made for.
"What am I grabbing? I can't see through this giant collar."
Most of the pieces look way too big for him, but the sundaes look pretty good. Maybe the Blizzard. (He got the Jumbo size...) So, conclusion? These are nice, fairly realistic looking goodies, but I think they work much better for 1/6 scale than the set they are actually meant for. They're a much cheaper alternative to the expensive Rement sets. (Which, granted, are absolutely awesome.) They're way more affordable than Rement for their target audience, which is children.
  Tomorrow we'll see another doll and another review.

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  1. Great review, and indeed a nice alternative for Rement things! Can't help you with the 3rd name of the So in Style dolls, I'm not familiar with this line, sorry :-).


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