Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Doll-A-Day 243: Red Heads Week: Cinnamon

   This week we're looking at red haired dolls. Today's doll is Cinnamon.

Cinnamon was made by Ideal in 1971.

 She's about 12" tall.

She is a member of the Crissy family of dolls.

In spite of having red hair like Crissy, Cinnamon is actually Crissy's cousin, since she's Crissy's cousin  Velvet's little sister.

The Crissy dolls all had a grow hair feature.

Cinnamon has a button in her belly that, when pushed, allows a chunk of hair in the top of her head to be pulled out to reach nearly to her ankles.
You can sort of see the dark spot that is the button through her clothes.

She has a dial in her back that winds the hair back in, so it can be short again.

Halfway there.

There were several versions of Cinnamon, including Curly Ribbons, Hair Doodler, and an African American version.

Cinnamon's original outfit was a one or two piece orange play suit with tiny white polka dots.

I have no idea who this pink with white polka dot play suit originally went to, but the sweater belongs to a stuffed Emily Elizabeth, (Clifford the Big Red Dog's friend.)

She's such a cute little thing. Look at those chubby knees!

And the teeth. Gotta love the teeth.

And NO freckles! Thank you Ideal. (We don't all have freckles.)
 Famous natural red heads in history include composer Antonio Vivaldi,Thomas Jefferson,James Joyce, Vincent Van Gogh,Galileo,Mark Twain, Winston Churchill,Malcolm X, Queen Elizabeth the First of England,Lady Emma Hamilton(Model for painters such as Gainsborough and Reynolds), Emily Dickinson,Socrates,Helen of Troy,Napoleon,Christopher Columbus,Oliver Cromwell,General George Custer(Of 'last stand' fame.),King David,(Ok, and Judas too...).
When people are asked to think of famous red heads,most often they think of people who weren't really red heads. For example:

  Lucille Ball was naturally brown haired. Other famous red heads who aren't/weren't include Julie Andrews,Alyson Hannigan,Rita Hayworth,Gillian Anderson,Amy Adams,Molly Ringwald,Ann Margaret,and Carol Burnett.
  Famous real red heads in entertainment, past and present, include actor and director Ron Howard,Julianne Moore,Lindsey Lohan,Tina Louise,(Ginger from Gilligan's Island really is one.),Billie Burke, (The Wizard of Oz's Glinda the Good Witch),Conan O'Brien,actor/singer Danny Kaye,

Danny Kaye in the original Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
ballerina and actress Moira Shearer,

Moira Shearer in "The Red Shoes".
singer Bonnie Raitt,actor and dancer James Cagney,

James Cagney
Laurel and Hardy's Stan Laurel,

Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel. You find a real, (not colourized.), colour photo of Stan when his hair was still red.
actor and artist Red Skelton,

Red Skelton.
Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn.
Katherine Hepburn in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner".
   But just about the most famous natural red head is one you would never think of. Recognize this girl?

Maybe you would recognize her better this way...

Know her now? I thought so.
  See you tomorrow for more red haired dolls and red hair trivia.


  1. Hi Tam. My sisters and I had Crissy, Velvet and Cinnamon when we were younger (I had Velvet). In searching for sewing patterns for dolls like the Disney Princess and Me dolls, I've seen a lot of stuff for Crissy, but I haven't thought of Cinnamon for years! I wonder if my sister still has her.....

    1. You must be about my age. I remember girls bringing their Crissy and Velvet dolls to school and riding with them on the bus. I didn't learn about Cinnamon until I was an adult though. Crissy and Velvet were what I call those 'other kids dolls'. I never though about owning one. Now I have a couple of Crissy's and a few different Velvets. (And two Cinnamons!) I'm catching up with those 'other kids'!

    2. I had that sense too (the age thing, I mean). And I also understand the catching up with the "other kids". Crissy, Velvet, and Cinnamon were the only expensive dolls we had growing up - no, wait, we each had a doll from the Dawn line, but by that time, they were probably on clearance somewhere. I remember looking longingly at Barbie and her friends/clothes/stuff as well as being fascinated by my best friend's Sindy and Charlie's Angels dolls....and I've almost caught up too!


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