Saturday, September 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 233: Skipper Saturday: Dark Brunette Bend Leg Skipper

  I'm pooped. It's been a long day. I had to pick Ken up from work last night at 2AM, then get up early this morning because the girls and I were going to spend the day at an arts and music festival with my sister. It was a two hour drive and we had to be back so Emma could be at work by 5, so I got about 4 hours sleep. Tonight will be a repeat of last night, but at least I can sleep late tomorrow!
  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is following the theme of Back to School we've been doing this month. She's a Bend Leg Skipper with very dark brown hair.

It looks black in these pictures, but it's really a super dark brown. Black is a really rare hair colour for Skipper's ,and this really dark brown is not very common either.

She's a really nice Skipper for a Bend Leg. A lot of Bend Leg Skippers have bangs that won't lay down. Hers lay down, and her hair is the softest, silkiest hair I have ever felt on a Skipper.

She is nearly perfect, except for some slight paint loss from her right eyebrow.

She's wearing School Girl, from 1965-66.

School Girl consists of a white blouse with red stitching and two red buttons, a red jacket with a pocket and crest and two gold bead 'buttons'...

...a red and white checked skirt...

...white anklets, red flats,a red hat with a band that matches the skirt, 3 school books, (Arithmetic, Geography, and English.), a black book strap,two pencils, (one red and one yellow),a wax apple,and a pair of brown glasses.
My favourite part of this outfit? The glasses! They have lenses in them, and the legs even fold up! 

Since I put the outfit on a bend leg doll, I didn't use the anklets. The socks are really hard to pull on to those rubber feet! It was hard enough to get the flats even partially on. She certainly couldn't get them on all the way without completely splitting them.
I actually did NOT pose her with her feet on the desk rail. I only noticed she was that way when I looked at the pictures! Spooky...
Beware of washing the jacket. It shrinks.
School Girl coordinates with Barbie's Student Teacher fashion.
'Student Teacher' was reproduced in 2009, along with the Swirl Ponytail Barbie.
When I was planning to do this post I kept trying to think of what I could do for the school room. I have a bunch of the modern Barbie plastic school desks, but I really didn't want to dig them out. Plus they look a bit modern for vintage Skipper. Then last Friday or Saturday I checked Goodwill  after dropping Ken off at work, and found this great school desk! It's perfect! It's even the perfect size for Skipper. It was only 50 cents, or maybe a dollar.
When I was a kid our desk rail used to be higher, about half way up, and I used to sit with my legs up on it all the time. I still have what feel like chips out of my shin bone from miscalculating the height of the rail when trying to put my feet up! The only flaws with this desk are: the desk lid doesn't open,and the metal work is too curly.

The rest of the school room is made up of some checked contact paper,a large floor tile, (for the wall), with some great 'map of the world' wall paper border taped to it.

Of course Ivy commented on how strange it is that Skipper is the only kid in her class. I said she was taking private tutoring...

I love that wall paper, and I have plans for it when I redo my 1/6 scale doll house. I have the Arithmetic book, but I could only find the 'Geography' book. (It's actually just a two sided piece of cardboard.) That ended up being perfect though, with the 'Geography' wall paper as maps!

Tomorrow is another doll, but a quick one. I need some rest!


  1. The desk is a great find, perfect for Skipper. I like the classroom, you made it very lifelike :-). I wish you a good rest!

    1. Yes, I just wish I could find a whole classroom of these desks. That would be nice. Too bad I have to disassemble the school room, but that tile comes in handy for a lot of things. It was also the wall in the Cleopatra doll post, plus I work with clay on it! I definitely need to get more rest. I have been wearing thin lately. It added to my fatigue that I walked three miles yesterday. I won't even say what time I got up today!

  2. Hi Tam, just getting in some lunch time reading! Your Skipper is beautiful, but I love the desk! The schoolroom is charming too. Hope you got lots of rest. Take care!

    1. Thanks. I just wish I could fill a school room with these desks, but even if I could afford it, there's no maker on it. I wish the lid opened.I could do some really cute pictures that way.Rest? I think I remember that stuff...


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