Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doll-A-Day 226: Skipper Saturday: Titian Straight Leg

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this titian straight leg.
No, its not Christmas. I just wanted to use this great Byers fireplace and taking the greenery off proved to be more difficult than I expected. It's going to take some work, and then some more work covering up the spots where the stuff was! It doesn't show up in the picture, but the fireplace has andirons and a really good fake log. I'm going to put a tea candle in behind the logs: a flickery one so it looks like a fire.

Her hair is a beautiful shade of red.

And yes, she has The One Hair and then some. Truthfully, I just couldn't get motivated today. I was tired, didn't feel great, had a head ache, kept getting interrupted,you name it. Plus, I had trouble getting her hair to stay when I combed it, which believe it or not I did several times. And I can't see a thing up close without my glasses any more, so I put them on to comb her hair and it STILL looks like this! Of course, I didn't know that until I put the pictures on here and saw them large, and by then I had put everything away. I give up!

 Since September is (To an oldie, like me, anyway.), back to school month, she's wearing yet another Skipper fashion with 'school' in it's title. It's School Days, from 1964.

Nothing like a nice evening knitting by the fire...when you're 10 years old..

Why this outfit is named School Days is beyond me. It came with a wooden bowl of yarn, and coordinated with Barbie's Knitting Pretty fashion. It should have been Time to Knit or something.


 School Days consists of the pink sweater,white short sleeved blouse, pink pleated skirt,usually pink, but sometimes white, nylon knee socks,squishy back flats, and the wooden bowl of yarn.
The sweater is being modeled by her barefoot friend. By the way, the chair is an Only Hearts Girls chair.

I've heard that the pink socks are the more rare colour, but personally, all I've ever run into is the pink ones.

The sweater is wool and is notorious for moth holes and shrinkage.(Not the Seinfeld kind...)

This one has definitely seen better days.
I have two different versions of the skirt, a wool and a wool felt. They are identical other than the fabric, and neither is tagged. (Not all pieces of Skipper outfits were tagged. In the case of this outfit, it seems nothing is  tagged.)

The first vinyl reproduction Skipper came in the Knitting Pretty Reproduction Gift Set, which also included a repro swirl Barbie. They were dressed in School Days and Kniting Pretty, and both were titian.
I don't care much for this Skipper reproduction.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at a new doll.

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