Monday, September 15, 2014

Doll-A-Day 235: Tutti Clone

  Today's doll is a clone doll, of Barbie's little sister from the 60s, Tutti.
She's obviously missing a boot.

I don't know anything about this doll, except that she is obviously meant to capitalize on the popularity of Mattel's Tutti.

I don't know if the little purple jacket is original to her, since it seems to be a different era from the rest of her clothes, and the doll herself. It was on her when I got her though.

Her hair is more thickly rooted and the hair itself is thicker and more coarse than real Tutti hair. Very smooth though.

She seems to actually have sturdier rubber than a real Tutti, plus she has all her bends and no greening. Maybe Mattel could have taken some tips from who ever made this doll!

 It wasn't unheard of back in the 60s, for companies to actually steal the entire mold of a doll and make clone dolls. This doll seems to be one of those direct copies.Her eye paint is lighter, and different from Tutti's.This doll has heavier eye lids, and whereas Tutti's eyes were just solid blue with a black pupil and a white highlight mark, this girl has sort of a swirl. Bet she could hypnotize up a storm with those eyes.
Oddly enough she has a loop of cord in the top of her head. Was she meant to be hung from something?
  I don't have this girl any more, but I already had her pictures and I was looking for a short cut because this week is our anniversary and Ken took a few days off in a row. This way I still do a doll of the day post, but I spend less time here. So, it's just a time saver. I won't normally be posting dolls I no longer have, unless I want to show you something rare that I just couldn't afford to keep.
  Check in tomorrow for the story of my 'unique' wedding cake topper.


  1. These were called Go-Go dolls. I bought mine from Woolworths and they were supposed to be your car's rear-view mirror hanging dolls.

    1. Hmmm...If you bought one new you should know. Explains the hanging loop. The only dolls I know of called Go Go dolls were the Topper/Deluxe Reading ones that came as different jobs or types, like the Tomboy, the Artist, the singer, etc. Of course, Go Go was a commonly used term and more than one company could have used it. Kind of gross to have a little Tutti type girl as your 'dancing' rear view mirror go go girl.These days that would show up on the internet as an inappropriate 'toy fail'!


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