Friday, September 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 238: Cher

   Today's doll is Cher, by Mego.

Although Cher dolls came in various original outfits, this one seems to be the most common.
Cher was produced by Mego from 1976 to 1981.

 At 12 and 1/4" tall, the Mego women look kind of like Amazons next to Barbie and friends.

Look at the length of those rooted eyelashes!
Mego made dolls of a lot of famous people, including Sonny as well as Cher,most of the various Charlie's Angels, The Captain and Tennille, Suzanne Somers,Diana Ross,and Laverne and Shirley. Unfortunately, the likenesses weren't always that great.

It seems the culprit wasn't always the sculpts, but the paint jobs. I've seen artists repaints of some of the aforementioned Mego dolls,including this Cher, that look amazingly like the real people they were made to depict.(And much more like them than the original Mego paint jobs.)

This Cher looks a lot more like her than you would at first think, when you see the doll from certain angles.

She has jointed wrists, and her hands were actually molded with Cher's trademark long fingernails.
A lot of the Cher dolls I have seen have had their fingernails cut by the little would-be manicurists who used to own them.

The hair on these Cher dolls is usually frizzy, and often they have lost a lot of hair, leaving them looking bare around the face.
Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday, and I'll be showing you a special doll Ken got me as an anniversary present.


  1. The Mego celebrity dolls are great, and Cher is such an icon. I like the Farrah Fawcett doll very much too. 20+ years ago I collected many action figures, and my 12" Mego figures, like Buck Rogers, turned gray/green. I suppose Mego used different materials for these celebrities, they don't seem to have that problem.

    1. I have one like that! She's gray/green, as you said, and has blonde hair that's frizzy on the ends. I don't want her, but how do I pass her along to someone else who might want her unless I know who she is? And I have no idea? Any recommendation for sites for identifying Mego dolls? (Come t think of it, I'm not even sure she's Mego! No markings.) I've heard of the Mego Museum online, but I don't think it shows everything.

    2. Maybe you can find her on Doll Reference: . This is a great website with all sorts of dolls identified. I looked and maybe your doll is a Candi or Suzanne Somers friend doll? They are blondes :-).

    3. Great! Candi! That's her. I just looked up Candi on Google images, and that is definitely her. It's hard to look a doll up unless you at least know a manufacturer. Thanks so much.Now if you can figure out who this girl is with the giant plastic base hair plugs that can be taken out and changed, I think I have it made!

  2. Sounds unfamiliar to me, do you have a picture? I'm very curious to see how that looks :-)

    1. I'll try to dig her out in the near future. Watch for her in an upcoming post and I'll print a couple pictures just for you.Maybe you can help me again!


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