Saturday, September 27, 2014

Frozen Frozen Everywhere and Not a Drop to ...Drink? I Make a Yard Sale Score

  Ok,I was pretty excited because last night I finally ordered my Frozen dolls, before The Disney Store sold out of all of them again. (It's taking longer this time, although some of the dolls still sold out before I had a chance to look. And thanks to Beastsbelle from the Never Grow Up blog for the early warning, or I would never have known at all!) But, I was a little worried about having spent so much money. Then look what I ran into today!

I got all this at one yard sale for $26! The Barbie house is just about the most realistic and cool Barbie house I have seen, although some of it is obviously from the same molds as the High School Musical high school. The front doors have school style door handles. (Should have shown you I guess.) The house, and a huge trash bag with furniture and accessories for the house, plus bags of of clothes,shoes,pets and supplies, and a bag of Polly Pockets and their clothes and cars, and some Polly sized Disney Princess dolls and their stuff,and all kinds of accessories was $20!

If Draculaura ever finishes, Liv Sophie is waiting for a turn in the tub.

The little pandas are finger puppets, and the elephant, and maybe the bear, are Only Hearts Girls.

Why does the computer do this sometimes?!

I'm not sure who those glasses actually go on, as they fit Liv, Monster High and Moxie Girlz, but I love them.
I got the dolls, (Three Liv dolls, a Moxie Girlz, a Monster High Draculaura, and Frozen Anna and Elsa.) for 50 cents a piece, except for the one Bratz and the one Bratz Kidz doll, which were in a bag of shoes/feet, clothes, accessories, and the two Moxie Girlz styling heads,for 50 cents! The really cute little high chair was a quarter.

I don't know who it's for or who it will definitely fit, but it was so cute and cheap.The bag of clothes contained the outfits for the Draculaura and Liv dolls, and some Moxie clothes. The bag of shoes ended up being 52 pairs and two odd shoes!

Barbie, Liv,High School Musical,Moxie Girlz,and Monster High.
 That's a lot of shoes! The house actually seems to have most of it's original stuff too. It's in pretty nice condition with one break in the plastic that doesn't affect it structurally, or even show very much. Everything was very clean and well taken care of. So,I can sell the house, (even though it would be nice to keep it, if I had space. It has lots of really neat, realistic features.), and help finance my Frozen purchases. They will take up less space than the house too! So that makes me feel a bit more relaxed about buying things for myself. I'm also happy to have the two Frozen dolls I got today.

I was glad to have them, even though Anna was missing her skirt. When I checked out the bag of stuff with the house I saw that there were bags of clothes and shoes in it, and asked TLWRTS,(The Lady Who Ran The Sale), if she would sell anything out of the bag. She immediately said no. I thought about it,(Ok, for a split second.), and decided it was such a good deal I might as well buy the bag and house for $20, even though I knew Ken would freak if I brought home another huge doll house. (Actually he was really good about it.), After I bought it and was on the way home I realized Anna's skirt was probably in the bag. And it was! They have their shoes/boots too, and their hair has never been taken down, so, good deal for $1.00 total!
I really wanted the articulated Disney Store ones, but I thought I was going to have to resort to these anyway. As it was, Elsa was sold out before I even checked the site out last night, so this will probably end up being my only Elsa doll. I was thinking I was going to have to wait until the Frozen dolls hit the yard sales, but I didn't think it would be this soon! To prove my theory about girls stopping playing with dolls early these days, the little girl who owned this stuff was 11!
  After this I came home for more money,because I had only taken $20 with me, and went to the church sale I started to go to in the first place. While I was there I started feeling REALLY lousy and decided to get home as SOON as possible. When I came home I ate something, because I thought that might have been part of my problem, and then just kind of sat and felt awful and finished the Dr. Livingston documentary I started A WEEK AGO. With driving everybody back and forth to work and having to pick Ken up at 2 or so in the morning and then get to bed, I haven't been getting enough rest. So, check out that Skipper Saturday post, cause I'm going to take a shower and get comatose for a while until I have to pick Ken up.

  Check out my other post today for Skipper Saturday.

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