Monday, September 1, 2014

Doll-A-Day 221: Karito Kids Wan Ling

    First of all, welcome to our new followers. Three are showing up in the numbers, but only one by name. In any case, welcome to all of you.
  Today's doll is one I got at the doll show last week. She's Ling, by Karito Kids.

From what I've read her full name is Wan Ling, but she's usually called Ling.

She's 22" tall.

She can stand on her own, but these particular shoes made it a little difficult. Plus it was a very windy day today.

 Her head, arms, legs, and chest plate are vinyl, but she has a softish stuffed body from the chest down to her legs. So even though she can be posed and can stand on her own, she's also soft and cuddly.
The chest plate means she can wear sleeveless shirts, or V-neck shirts without the weird look of a stuffed body, like American Girls.

She's a play doll, but beautiful enough to appeal to adult collectors too. She's a very nice play doll. She seems sturdy enough to stand up to play though. I have heard that the vinyl faces don't scuff easily too. Luckily I didn't have to test this theory because on the occasions when she blew over she obligingly fell on her back.

Karito Kids were first produced in 2007. Ling is one of the first 5 dolls produced. The dolls represented 5 different countries: the U.S.A., Kenya, Italy, Mexico, and China. Ling is the Chinese doll.

Her legs can spread out to the sides a bit, and rotate for posing or standing. They can be turned closer together too, for ladylike sitting.
Her original outfit was a short sleeved orange shirt, denim skirt, tights, pink leg warmers, and white boots. My doll is wearing an actual Karito Kids outfit, called Zen Vibe. It's a yoga outfit.

But it's also good for jumping on a trampoline...

...or climbing trees...

 ...or just lounging around.

The shoes are nicely detailed. They even have tread on the bottoms. They fit very snugly, so they remove easily, but require a little tugging at the back to get back on.
Under the shoes she has detailed feet.

Karito Kids later released cheaper versions of their dolls, that were of lesser quality. They eventually went out of business in 2011.

When I've seen pictures of Karito Kids I didn't think I liked them very much. I also saw one in person and didn't care much for it. The mouths looked like Gerry Anderson marionettes to me.

Gerry Anderson, (That's Gerry in the middle!), with the stars of his "Thunderbirds" series,Scott Tracy, Brains,Lady Penelope, and her butler Parker.
But when I saw Ling in person, (or is that 'in doll'?), at the doll show I appreciated her a lot more. The more I look at her, the prettier she gets.

She has a gorgeous skin tone and I love her lips. Her eyes are very realistic too, with great colouring and 'real' lashes.

Her head can turn and tilt. She can look side to side, up and down.
  Her hair is wigged, not rooted.

And my friend Karen, who was a dealer at the show, gave her to me for such a good price, I just couldn't resist.

Her skin looks so warm and fleshlike.

 So I'm really glad I got Ling. I like her more all the time. I originally paused on buying her because I wasn't sure I should spend the $18! Imagine! Ling was around $100 new, and they can be around that on the secondary market too.
  See you again tomorrow for another doll, or maybe dolls.

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