Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 247: Small Chinese Girl

  Today's doll is another I got from my friend Karen recently at the small doll show here in town.

You might remember seeing the Karito Kids Ling doll I got from Karen back on Doll-A-Day 221.

This little girl is about 5" tall.

She came in this box.
According to her label she was made in The People's Republic of China.

Her base fits exactly in the box, but she's a little tall for it. That has given her a lean!

She has wire in her legs, so she can stand up a bit straighter.

Her clothes are made of silk.

I'm not sure what this hair is. It looks like some kind of real hair.

She has a pointy little nose.
But at this angle she looks like she smells something bad.
The little toy she is playing with seems to be a 'diabolo', a toy that originated in China and became popular in Britain in the 1800's.The diabolo is a juggling toy.It's made of two sticks with a hole all the way through them, through which the string is threaded and then tied around the stick.There are caps on the ends of the sticks to keep the string from going off the ends. The middle part is the spool. The spool is supposed to be a solid piece of wood that is narrow in the middle, with circular ends. The circles on the ends let the spool roll and spin, and help keep it balanced. The spool is positioned on the string, and, using the sticks, the player balances the spool, throws it up and catches it, spins it,or throws it to another person who catches the spool.

Join us tomorrow for another doll.

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