Monday, September 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 248: BFC Ink Kaitlin

  Today's doll is Kaitlin.

She's a BFC Ink doll.

This is not her original outfit. She came in the greenish dress and pukey leopard print vest and really cool boots.

I like this cute shortall outfit. I thought it would be nice since we seem to be having an Indian Summer (Late warm weather. I suppose that's not politically correct these days. Native American Summer? Why is it called that anyway?)

From what I can tell this is actually a BFC Ink outfit. I got it at a yard sale I think, maybe on a BFC Ink doll, a couple of years ago.

The BFC stands for Best Friends Club.

These dolls are about 18" tall, but there was also a smaller series of dolls about 10" tall.

This is the second style of BFC Ink doll, which has more joints. The original dolls didn't have the jointed wrists, ankles, or elbows.

These dolls are really posable, but their joints get very loose very quickly.

They are also notorious for having bad hair. It tends to be crispy on the bottom.

Kaitlin's hair is actually pretty good. She still has lots of her original curl,and her hair is fairly soft.

BFC Ink dolls also have nice inset eyes that are fairly realistic. It's hard to get them to look like they are looking at the camera though.

 See you tomorrow for another doll.

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