Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #81:Club Chelsea Boy

  Yesterday I showed you a doll I got on a post birthday trip. Today I'm showing you the other doll I got at Target that day. The poor guy doesn't even have a name. He's this boy from the Club Chelsea series of dolls.
He comes with a cardboard ice cream cone.Yum.
He's not easy to find, because as usual, there are fewer boy dolls made than girls. The last time there was a boy in the Chelsea line it was Darrin.

(You can see my review of Darrin HERE.)
I am glad to see that the Chelsea boxes are alot more 'green' than they were in Darrin's time. Darrin's box was a tray type insert inside a box. This guy's box was just a plastic bubble on a card. All I had to do was tear the back off,revealing the plastic ties. They were kind of tight and hard to cut,but once they were cut,he came right out off the backing. 

This little guy is so cute. It's nice to see that he's completely different from Darrin:different face...

And he has freckles! 
...and one of the nicest things: he's not blonde!

The kid is a big slob.He somehow got dirt all over his shirt while he was sliding. It was muddy out there...and 34 degrees! If he had been a real kid he would have been cold in that outfit.
 There hasn't been a non-blonde boy in the Kelly or Chelsea one since Happy Family Ryan.

I only wish he had rooted hair instead of molded, painted hair.

But even with painted hair he's cute. He ended up with two prongs out the back of his head where he was attached to his box with plastic ties.

I love his camera shirt too.

But I have my doubts about his shiny nylon shorts.And, unfortunately, they are all one piece with his shirt. Yuck.

The whole thing Velcros in the back.

He has white tennis shoes.

His legs static-ed a bunch of leaf bits and stuff up from the grass while he was sliding. And my camera had a hard time picking up the detail in his shoes.

His articulation is limited,as with all Chelsea dolls.

But at least he doesn't have that stupid, and very limiting bent arm!

What happened to all the articulation Mattel was using on the Kelly dolls? They variously had jointed knees,arms that could move out to the side instead of just up and down,and legs that could move out to the side too. Our guy today can only move his arms and legs back and fourth and turn his head.

He's the same size as Chelsea, since they share a body sculpt.

I still have a couple of birthday dolls to show you, and some goodies from a trade I did recently. I'm not sure which it will be, but tomorrow we'll look at another doll.


  1. Have you tried poking the prongs back into his head? That's what I usually do.

    1. I shoved them, but they refuse to go in all the way! It works alot better on dolls with hair.I can hide the remains better under hair!


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