Saturday, January 25, 2014

Doll-A-Day 25: Skipper Saturday: Two Tone Sample Skipper

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is this straight leg Skipper.She has two unique things about her. Not only is she a 'Sample Skipper', she is a 'Two Tone Skipper'.
It's Saturday morning and Skipper is up early to watch cartoons.

  A 'Sample Skipper' isn't actually what would be commonly be thought of as a 'sample' doll. The Sample Skippers are simply the earliest issued Skippers, before final changes were made. There are fewer of them than standard original Skippers, but they were actually released for regular sale.These dolls are supposed to  have resin legs,(but this difference is hard to tell),slightly bigger, more arched feet,(They stand on their tip toes and can't stand unaided.),and slightly chunkier legs.

Sample Skipper on the left, regular straight leg Skipper on the right.
Their stance is also a little wider, and the word Japan is from heel to toe (instead of side to side) on the bottom of the right foot.
Sample Skipper on the left, regular straight leg Skipper on the right.

Her hair looks like a dark auburn in these pictures, but it's actually made up of both brown and titian fibers.
She has the long straight hair with bangs style of all straight leg Skippers, but she has a very interesting hair colour.
It's pretty chilly this morning. Better get that robe.
 Skippers with this mixed hair colouring are typically referred to as 'Two Tone' Skippers.Sometimes they're called Color Magic Skippers, but that really refers to the dolls that were rooted with leftover 'Color Magic Barbie 'hair that changed over time,or the dolls with brunette painted scalps  and hair that oxidized, usually to a red colour, as I have talked about recently.

Whatever the name, it's pretty hair!

You can see the mix a bit better in this photo.
 Normally two tone dolls have much thicker hair than regular Skippers, but this girl has the mix without the extra thick hair.

Officially Skippers came in blonde,titian (red), and brunette (usually a medium brown colour, and rarely a dark brown or black.)There were shade differences amongst those colours. The two tone hair is a mystery colour: It's not an official Mattel colour, but it happened occasionally. 

Her pajama outfit is called Loungin' Lovelies, from 1966,and includes the two piece pajamas,slippers,and quilted robe.
Skipper heads to the kitchen to grab something to eat. 'A glass of orange juice and  this cinnamon bun. Barbie was saving that bun for herself, but...'

These quilted robes were pretty popular in the 60's.My Mom used to have a light blue quilted robe very similar to this one when I was a kid.
Finally Skipper gives in and gets a bowl of cereal so Barbie can't complain she only ate junk for breakfast. (Ok, yes. That's the bowl of dog food from Dogs and Duds! Can't you just pretend?!)

Skipper turns on the TV before sitting down with her food. Always commercials!

'Barbie's still not up. She got in pretty late last night.' thinks Skipper. She wonders if she should tell their parents. Then she remembers she can't remember what her parents look like or the last time she saw them...Oh look! Go Go Gophers is on!
  I was wondering what background I could use for the photos when I remembered: Oh yeah! I have a Dreamhouse! I haven't done anything with it since I got it. This was a great excuse to play with it!
  See you tomorrow for another doll-a-day!

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