Friday, April 14, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 104: Patsy Wanna Be

  Today we're looking at this little girl.

She looks sort of like a Patsy,with her bobbed haircut.

She's 12" tall.

She has no markings.

This poor little girl has some problems. Her body has been taped together and her neck is tied with elastic.

Someone has tried to put her together,but did a bad job. Now she doesn't fit together properly.

Her middle is together, but her head won't close.

I've recently become friendly with someone who repairs composition dolls. She has given me some advice on repairing her. I have another doll who is in even worse condition than this girl. When I round up everybody that needs fixed, I'm going to get the stuff she recommended and try to fix them.

Her arms are strung too tight and the right one keeps sucking into her body. That's something else I'll need to fix.

Cleaning her is part of the repair job.

Her legs are strung weirdly too. The left leg keeps twisting sideways and the right one does weird stuff too.

She has,or should I say had cute blushy knees.

 I got her in a box at an auction. She was so cute I thought she deserved rescuing.

The dress isn't original. It doesn't really fit her,but it looks good from the front.

Tomorrow is another doll. See you then.

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